I NEED some killer music! Pleeease help me?! (Cds to buy)

Hello hoopers!! I have been searching the internet long and hard trying to find cds to buy with my type of music! Me and my husband taste in music is psytrance, progressive, dubstep, dirty and funky! I like the music to switch beats cuz one or two on going beats to me is boring. I want some sick beats that make me not want to put my hoops down. I just spent about $70 on about 4 cds and im totally disappointed because these cds are not what i thought they would be :( oh and we also love techno. I want dirty and wicked. I want beautiful with some soothing beats that turn into some mean beats. i want a lot of WHOMP WHOMPS and boom booms lol. I need some good stuff here!! pleeease help me?!?! Thanks for your time =)

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Thank you sooo much everyone :) i just downloaded spotiy to my phone so i gota check all of these out for sure!! Maybe ill be able to come across the cds. I have some bluetech, O.T.T, MusSck and some others but since i dont have internet on my laptop i cant burn them to a cd :-/ me n my husband always have a lot of driving to do so thats why i want some cds :) were craving some good stuff! He doesnt know very much about all of that music cuz hes a recently new fan :) and ive always been i guess u could say, kinda sheltered, but ive always LOVED the music whenever i could get my hands on some. I had a bunch of awesome tracks but my brother got a hold of them and lent them to his girlfriend, they broke up and all of my hoop mixes are gone :( Thank you to everyone sharing their favs with me!!!! I really appreciate it!!!! Im new to hoop city and so far i really love it. The hoop community is really great and everyone seems so caring and giving. Its really a breath of fresh air!!!!! *LoTz Of LuV*
Bassnectar, Rusko, Morgan Page, Camo and Koroked, Junkie XL, Tiesto, Feed Me, Excison, Flux Pavillion, Deadmau5, anything off of UKF on YouTube. ;-)

My favs for hooping include: Bassnectar, Mimosa, Pretty lights, ASkillz, Pavlov Stellar, RobbG, Rusko, Funk hunters, Trypnotic, Dehli2Dublin.... So many more, I can't even recall.

Mimosa is my favorite!!


ok so i use iheart radio .. you can get an artist it will stream similar music and you can even stream unfamiliar groups. i love this they have pretty much anything you could ever want!!!

AraabMuzik, he makes sick beatzzzzz

Hmmmm, look up Bird of Prey on soundcloud and check out the hour long set they have posted. Also check out Ransom on soundcloud. His Adventures in Woogieland mixset is pretty dank and available for download.
(if u like the Bird of Prey set I would suggest buying their CDs. They are really good. Phoenix Down is an awesome track. YouTube it)

TV on the Radio! They're pretty funky although not techno at all.. ;) Look up Wolf Like Me, Satellite, and Staring at the Sun.

Another great artist is M83 for kinda a slow psychedelic progressive feel. My personal favorites are Midnight City, Reunion, and We Own The Sky.

Then there is always MGMT. Basically anything by them will be good (But I do suggest looking up Electric Feel first).

As for techno, Apex Twin is fantastic (Window Licker all day long).

Benny Benassi is pretty good.

Also, Pandora is great to help discover new music. ;)

I actually find a lot of awesome music as free downloads from soundcloud.com from unsigned producers.  Just type in the type of music you're looking for (like dubstep) and it will bring up all the songs in that genre.  Some will have links to buy and some will be free downloads.  :-)

Lol. Pandora does the same thing. :) There's also http://whatthefuckshouldilistentonow.com/

Annnd I'm completely broke so buying isn't an option for me in the slightest.


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