I need YOUR help picking out an LED hoop!! PLEASE HELP!

Ok so im buying my first LED hoop this week! I am a really broke student so 150$ is allot to me so i want to get the best for my money! In your opinion what web site has the best LED hoops in the 150$ or less range? I would like something that will last me for a while! Thanks for your help ;] Lex-Z 

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Anyone who's asking this question should just go with Moodhoops.

There are a lot of LED hoop makers but most of the others require a significant amount of customization decisions and build time (4-8 weeks). Moodhoops is a great budget hoop and ships within a week if you stick to the premade LED designs on their site.

i agree, they usually ship within the week even if you get a custom. and they have amazing customer service. 

I totally suggest MoodHoops. I dont regret mine whatsoever! i got the Spectrum, which is white when still or when isolating.. and when spnning the strobing rainbow dragonflys create amazzzing bright 7 color trails!!! Also, Citiva Creationz on Etsy.com is amazing, they are super bright hoops and are very unique, not to mention i got mine for 75 and it was so worth it, ive had no problems with my Rainbow Strobe by her. Good luck and i hope u enjoy what u choose!


Yep, moodhoops are pretty awesome. I got one of their custom/remix hoops and it still came within a week! I got it in cool white and pastel rainbow. It's so pretty. It actually made it into an OC Weekly article on Lightning in a bottle!! - http://www.ocweekly.com/slideshow/lightning-in-a-bottle-2012-saturd...

Are you an OC, CA hooper?

I live in Nashville but I'm from Long Beach, so I come back here to visit often! I'm here for 3 weeks for the summer right now.

Thank you so much every one!!! Im checking out all the diff things u guys said! i let yall know what hoop i get =] <3

MOODHOOPS ARE THE BEST EST EST FOR BROKE HOOPERS. Or Hoops of Creation,as you can build a hoop around your budget- but I think they're not making hoops this Summer. : ( . But seriously Moodhoops is great for beginner hoops, I recommend if you're between two sizes going smaller. You will be thankful later.

Love and hope you score the hoop of your dreams!

I just bought my first hoop from moodhoops for my upcoming birthday/hoopsiversary it's at the post office waiting right now :D I'm so excited to get it.
If you use the 'Facebook' coupon code you get free upgrade to priority shipping. And they sometimes have sales on certain hoops and often have a 'spend 100 get 15 off' sale- but that just happened so it probably won't again for a while.
I can't wait till tommorow so I can plaaaaayyyy.

Thank you so much for that code! im getting ready to order min right now! Im having a hard time choosing which hoop to get!

I know! There's so many to choose from. I went with Neon because I'm a rainbow child.
But I'd looooove to have spectrum someday and that cupcake hoop is also on my wish list.
It dosent matter what you choose it'll rule.


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