I would strongly recommend not buying equipment from Trick Concepts, it is not of good quality and there customer service leaves much to be desired!

Hi Lovely Hoopers,

this is basically a re-posting of my previous complaint. For the two or so hours it was up I had 6 responses saying that they had either had bad experiences or had heard or tem or worse; both!

Trick Concepts have given me a great dela of stress and i have tried to explain the situation in the most calm and subjective way possible, but if you pick on any strife then it has seeped in due to there being so much of it in the first place! please excuse me if you feel like this. I really feel that Trick Concepts needs to sort these problems out as I am not the only person to suffer from there lack of professionalism.....

In late April (27th) of this year myself and my friend placed an order from Trick Concepts for two sets of fire fans.

When the fans arrived one set broke as soon as we started using them and we noticed that all the welding on them was very poor. It was lumpy, on some points there was not enough solder in the correct places for the connection to hold properly and on one connection the solder had been filed away so much that the integrity of the whole spoke was compromised.

So I emailed Trick Concepts informing them and offered to send the fans back. As the welding was bad on both sets of fans we did not want a replacement, just a simple refund. I contacted them on the 19th May which is clearly within the 60 day return policy to complain and ask how i could get a refund.

There were many emails that bounced backwards and forwards as Jaz from Trick Concepts didnt seem to understand that we did not want a replacement. I sent him photos of the poor quality welding and weak connection to show him the problems. I boxed the fans up and took them to the post office and found out how much it would cost to return them with the correct insurance for how much the fans had cost. I emailed Jaz to inform him of the postage costs and requested that Trick Concepts pay for the return of the fans.

Jaz then said that they would not pay for any postage.

Some time passed and finally i got response from Trick Concept saying that as they wouldnt pay for postage I could keep the fans and that they would refund me $250 dollars. They said that they would send a cheque, great problem solved right?


Then they started ignoring me.
They didnt send a cheque.

About two weeks ago my friend finally snapped and started posting on Facebook informing everyone of what they had done.

Finally Jaz emailed back! and have sent a cheque, but only for half the price, $125, saying that he knew nothing about the email in July clearly stating that they would pay us the cost of both sets of fans; $250

He has also said that we contacted him outside of the 60day returns policy, which as you have clearly seen for yourself is wrong and that he didnt understand why both orders were together when it was only one order!

At this point another lady called Pamela from Trick Concepts emailed and asked if I wanted a returns label, why they didnt tell me about this months ago i will never know!

I have never had so many problems with an online company before, they have made me angry, upset and I will never buy anything from them again.

To summarise:

Dont order any equipment from Trick Concepts
It is poor quality
They will not refund you
They may ignore you
They may lie to you
They are incompetent
It will cause you more stress and problems than what it is worth.

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And I was just about to buy something from them too.
Thanks for posting this.
I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that....that's horrible. It should never be that complicated. Reading what you and Jodie *Maise Hoops* have posted makes me a true believer that this company needs some work. Will avoid at all costs.

You should report them to the Better Business Bureau. And of course keep spreading the word.
Yup, that's me! Awful awful awful!! I sent an email to them a couple days ago, I even posted a bit of the email to my journal on here and I have not had a response yet. It is nothing but hassle and pain. Kattitude, I feel your pain. Between my birthday present and the "discount tape" I purchased, over $200 has gone to them and all I have now is a hoop that is finally weighted properly but seems to cut out, four batteries for the hoop, and three rolls of tape... one of which is the worst tape I've ever used (see the no backing, mirror tape thread I posted the other day) and the other tape is far from perfect.

When profit > care there is a problem. Some where, their priorities got messed up and us customers are stuck suffering. I was hesitant to speak out at first, but I'm not now. At one point I was told to take the weird discount tape swimming in a pool to help take the "slime" off. Huh???

I'm with ya!
Oh poop, I'd just ordered the Fire wand from them ( http://www.trickconcepts.com/Fire-Wand-P163C77.aspx ) and I bought it specifically because one of the co-creators of flowtoys.com endorsed the product. (A competitive product even, mind you!)

I hope to not have the same experience. I'd heard bad things about the hoops, but I didn't realize that the fire toys were subject as well. At the same time however, their price point is MUCH lower than a lot of other manufacturers/distributors so perhaps you get what pay for to some degree.

Perhaps I shall post a review when I get my wand. Hopefully I won't have any issues as your customer service experience sounds truly terrible. Thank you for your post however, in case I have to navigate their customer service myself. I'll feel much more prepared but it sucks that it's at your expense!
It's too bad that this can happen. As a hoop maker, I wouldn't want to know that my customers are not satisfied. The only reason to be a hoop maker is if you have pride in your product, since you can't really get rich from it. It's sad that they can lure people in with low low prices but then you get what you pay for.
Thanks to everyone about your support on this, it makes me feel a lot better! x

Maisie it seems like you've had a particularly bad time with them i feel for ya hun!

Spinderella, ive just looked up the Better Business Bureau and they seem to be based entirely in the USA. I am an online customer based in the UK so im not too sure if i can report them :-(
Dear Members of the Fire Community:

I would like to apologize on behalf of one of our clients who goes by the blogging name "Kattitude", specifically the post dated November 9, 2010 at 5:10pm in All Things Fire .

Suffice it to say that this particular client is very disgruntled and is posting on every fire-related forum she can access. Simply put, she has asked for a refund, but refuses to return the products. We have done everything within reason to satisfy this client, to no avail.

Trick Concepts prides itself on its high quality products, integrity and reputation. As it is not our policy to engage in public displays of confrontation, if you are interested in reading the details of "Kattitudes" claim, you may do so here:

Click to view our detailed response.

Thank you again for your indulgence and continued patience in this matter.

Co-Owner, Trick Concepts, Inc.
this is why I really can't stand seeing posts like this in here.

People there are always 2 sides to every story and in most cases both sides hardly ever match up.

I wish I didn't have to read these things, I think they are better for journals, personal blogs and such. Yes we all have experiences as buyers and sellers. Some good some bad.
I agree with you Sunshine. I think it is sad whenever a buyer has a bad experience with the seller, but I also think it's a little childish to start trashing them. Especially when one has only bought one product from them. How can you say that "all equipment" is bad quality when you've only tried one?
Personally I have nothing bad to say about TC. I was very satisfied with my LED-hoop and I've had zero problems since I got it 6 months ago.
Sunshine Designs and Noora I thank you for your commments.

However you need to understand that this isnt so much about the product as the customer care (or lack of it) i received from Trick Concepts. If they had actually apologised in the first place for the fact that I was very unhappy with the quality of there products as i didnt think they were worth over $100 and offered the returns label t(hat they eventually offered me about a month ago), or if they had responded quickly or with compassion to my distress, then this thread would not exist! What i received were badly written emails from someone who didnt seem bothered to read mine properly as I had to go over the same points again and again before they understood.

And as i said in my original post, they ignored my emails for months and didnt respond until i started 'trashing' them ,as you say, on forums.

And about this 'trashing', i have explained the story without emotive language, expect for that one note of exarsperation that a returns label was offered so late on in the situation. It was only when i started telling onlines communities about what had happened that they started to return my emails again.
Regardless, TC do say that they sent you an email saying they would refund the full amount. Even though it was a mistake, I feel they should refund it since it was their mistake not yours and a mistake that messed you around a bit. That is bad customer service.
It is a shame that threads like this exist, but it's sometimes good that they do. For both the consumer & company it's good to know what's working & what isn't. The thread/s do seem to be fairly balanced between happy & disgruntled customers anyway.
Maybe the review section needs to be a bit more prominent though?
Thank you.

This is why the LED and Fire hoop review sections exist. So that when people want to purchase they can seek out a review, rather than having this type of thing invade on our conversations.


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