Hello Hoop City Citizens!

I need your help. I just realized that it would be great to have a list of ideas for contests. This will make it much easier for me to run frequent contests so that there is a new one every few months or maybe even more often.

Do you have ideas for a contest?

Much love,

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This is a bit of an abstract idea, but I've been thinking about it for a while. :)
You know the show SYTYCD? It reminds me a lot of all the different hoop styles (latin, more hip hop, contemporary, etc.), so what if someone came up with the dance choreography on its own in one of those styles, and it's the challenge to add the hoop to their choreo? I think that would be really challenging but A LOT OF FUN! :)
I could be crazy, but let me know.
So You Think You Can Hoop Dance?
Ha! I was totally dreaming about making a split screen video like that when driving back from Vancouver. It would explain at the beginning of the video to watch the left side (the just dancing side) and then afterwards watch the right side to see the similarities.

That would make a good flow challenge too.
Hula hoop hero
Photo contests - one for hoops (unique decorations, ect) and another for costumes. Or a photo-contest center around a specific theme like "community", "inner peace", or "action shots" --for great pics. that capture a hooper in motion.

This is a great idea!
i think a neat idea would be a contest about "why i hoop". i guess its sort of like "what hooping means to me" but u could go another direction.

i think its an awesome idea to have more frequent contests safire! i discovered hoopcity because of luna's what hooping means to me contest entry vid, and i think having more of these contests will help draw in more hoopers :) i also think its an awesome way for us to explore our creativity :)
Kind like the hoopers of Hoop City calendar.... that sounds like a plausible idea. You could even sell them here. :)
Costume related contests would be great! I love to see what people come up with!
I Love that idea!!!
You could also just run random number drawings for contests for those of us who aren't strong on the costuming/hoop making. That way it's just luck of the draw and not based on any skill. So you could just say that anyone who's uploaded a video in the last month/week and wants to enter is eligible. Does that make sense? I don't feel like I'm explaining well. :P


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