So...i've been hooping for a few years and am hesitant to buy an LED. I feel that LED is all show, and that it takes away from the real beauty of hoop dance and replaces it with bright, strobe,  flashing lights....  They give me the feeling that anything you do will look cool, so it's like all for show?

I think they look beautiful, but I don't know...just something about them is silly to me. Am I being stupid?

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i like leds. BUT I completely see what you mean lol. It is kind of like cheating , considering anything you do will look at least semi cool LED. It doesn't require as much skill, movement, flow, or dance in a sense. LOL it is true. Even throwing your LED across a field would look pretty cool and how much skill would that require

I can see where you are coming from, but i'd have to disagree. When it comes to my hoop, it's a Lotus MoodHoop, there is only one setting on it. So even if i did minimal movement, those colors get old after a while. So I think it's necessary to be able to be skilled. There are certain tricks that look super cool only with LED's too, I think. I can see where you are coming from, though, if the LED hoop was like the Atomic. That thing looks badass sitting on the ground! lol. However, the people that use it probably spent that much money on it because they're really into hooping, so they'd be doing the same tricks/movements/flow as they would another hoop, they just now are able to be seen in the dark.

With the flashy colors being an issue, I'd recommend an all WHITE LED hoop. They're very bright and beautiful but I don't think it takes away from the hooper at all. An LED with crazy flashing strobes turns into a light show for the viewers, rather then a hoop performance. With a white one I believe it just illuminates the hooper for a better see :).

With that being said though, I don't like to necessarily think too much about what others will see when I'm hooping. I like to use my LED because it gives ME a new outlet of hooping, and because of my LED I've learned different ways of moving my body/hoop.

Well, it is a different style, like the difference between martial arts and a glowstick show.  Frankly i like the new super hoops they give great light shows.  But yes, you don't have to be particularly skilled to properly operate a sufficiently cool LED object.  Frankly, what I can't stand are LED-fire combo devices used in both modes.  The fire illuminates differently than the LEDs and the combination ends up fighting for the eye's attention in unflattering ways.  Much rather see one or the other.

^^ Totally agree with the fire-led combo thing

It is true that doing almost anything with an LED looks nifty, but I also think that LED can show off a lot of flaws in whats happening to people who are looking closely. Not to mention sometimes all you can see is a big circle floating around not even what the dancer is doing. But they are a lot of fun at night in festivals! People are less likely to walk into your hoop when it's glowing at night and they are very fun to stare at. Twirling around with light is a whole difference experience compared to your good old day hoop and I quite like it.

Maybe your opinion is based on the attitude of LED hoopers you've met? In my opinion an LED hoop is a beautiful compliment to the circle. It allows you to follow the path of flow and to see and appreciate even more the geometry we make while we hoop. Any tool of this caliber can certainly be used as a crutch.

I have a heavy background in photography, and, strange as it may sound, I liken LED and fire hoops to Photoshop. Like these hoops, Photoshop should be used only as a tool to make an already captivating image have an even stronger impact. Sure, anyone can hop on photoshop and turn any crappy old snapshot into something that "looks cool" to the untrained eye, and many, many people do just that. While they may get attention from some, their work can only have so much impact because anyone who knows a thing or two about what they're looking at will immediately be able to see through it. Even the untrained eye can tell between a work of art and a work of photoshop when place side by side.

It's all in how you use it. I say go for the LED. There's so much you can learn from it. Who cares why other people own one? If it isn't your motive then don't worry about it. :) Play with it by yourself in the comfort of your own home if you're worried about seeming like it's for show. If there's no one to watch you then what's to criticize? I just brought mine out in public for the first time yesterday.
You'll likely be surprised at how much LEDs can exponentially add to the beauty of your hoopdance. It forces you to focus on the actual shape's movement and not so much on the body movements. For me, adding an LED into the mix helped me to get the hoop off of my body/comfort zone and into exploring all of the planes in the empty space around me. It's a great tool, you really should utilize it! You'll see a difference when you pick up your regular hoop, too.
Not to mention LEDs are extremely helpful if you plan to hoop in a place with a lot of people at night. I left mine behind for the festivals this year and hooping in the dark was nearly impossible. People just can't see you! They'll think you're dancing and run right into the hoop, and no one wants that.

I love my led hoop because i attend a lot of music festivals and its impossible to hoop at night without it. I tried all kinds of options - glow tape, glow paint and glow sticks & everyone would just walk straight into me. I have a circuit of 7 white leds, which is my favorite. it just allows me to see and people to see me. & the other circuit is solid leds.. i personally dislike a lot of hoops i see that are wildly colored & strobing in your face, they blind me and make it hard to really groove inside.

but, to each their own. :)
I think, from what you've written, if you ever do get an led hoop, get one with just a few, solid leds. white or warm white are awesome for lighting your dance up without taking away from it.

LED hoops are beautiful but they require a totally different sort of dance than non-glowing hoops. The way of thinking about movement and display with LED hoops is really different than hoopdance.

Nobody can see your fancy footwork or your graceful arms when you are LED hooping. So don't bother. Focus on clean planes, off-body movements, interesting shapes, varied speeds that leave trails of light, and making your body serve the motion of the lighted hoop, rather than the hoop enhancing your dance.

I like LEDS but, I feel like it kind of takes away from a persons skill. You can't really see how they're moving their body or what they're doing with their hands, all you can see most of the time is a light up hoop floating around which attracts attention because it looks cool! I think LEDs are good for raves/night hooping though.
I think they look cool too and they're fun to use but, I actually prefer seeing someone with a plain ol' hoop.

I really enjoy LED hoops, I'm just here to say that I think they're fun because they can really test your skills.. Hooping in the dark is totally different that being able to see everything you're doing, and seeing everything around you. For some reason I thought it would be easier to use LED hoops because they're lit up, but sometimes it just challenges me more. I personally prefer them because I have a heat intolerance and can really only hoop before it gets hot, or after the sun goes down. :)

So for me, yeah, I do like that they can attract attention, but I still love to just let loose and dance with them. I agree with Tink when she says "they require a totally different sort of dance than non-glowing hoops", which I think if fun to learn about!

I see where you're coming from, but LEDs can really add something to the art of hoop dance. Last year I was at a fest with my Atomic and another girl had one as well. I had people make comments of how they loved to watch me hoop with mine over her. One person said something along the lines of "You know how to work with the hoop and make it look good". The other person just hooped but hadn't learned yet how to perform WITH the lights.

You may not have to be skilled to make a LED look good, but people watching take notice of those who are skilled because the LED looks even better.

LEDs are for attention whores like myself

that reply really gave me the giggles!


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