Is there an easy way to make your hoops perfectly round again?

Hello everyone! Im new to this site and I've been hooping for about 8 months now. I have a few hoops including one LED. Ive been noticing that my hoops are warped and crooked. Ive tried shaping them myself but it still deosnt seem to fix them. Deos anyone know an easy way to reshape these? I cant tell exactly where in the hoop it needs to be fixed and if i lay it down flat its uneven. What to do!

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I don't know if this would be ok on the led hoop but i usually just lay them on a flat surface in the hot sun for a few hours. That gets most of the warpedness out then it is  just a matter of squishing it a bit when it is standing up to sort out any other problems.

I've had the same thing happen and yeah heat usually solves the problem. 

Make sure to be careful when your storing them or packing them into the car, prevention is of course always the best solution.

yeah im learning the hard way not to keep putting my hoop in my deosnt help when things start to pile on

Yay! i tried laying it in the sun today and it was really easy to fix after that! thank you! I stilll have to work on it not looking like an egg =X

Oh, out of round does drive me crazy! The sun trick sounds good. Usually, I put them up against wall and look, look, look real carefully for a flat spot (will usually have a neighboring "too bent" spot) and I try to bend some roundness back into that flat spot. I'm going to try to put a little heat on it next time with a hair drier because these flat spots do seem to come back! When do my re-shaping, it does at least feel better for that session. I wish I could find a giant perfectly round cone somewhere, like some outdoor sculpture or something and then heat the hoop back into roundness...


Thats what i was hoping to find tooo! im going to try the wall and hair dryer trick too thanks for the ideas!


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