can anyone shed alittle verbal light on this for me. i've watch some videos, but i need a little talking to about this. any advice????

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First, do a one-handed isolation or two. Next, when your hand reaches the bottom of the isolation, open your grip and let the hoop roll over the back of your hand and swing back up into isolation position where you close your grip to stop it.
And the roll/spin can go either the same direction as the isolation (an isopop) or you can send it in the opposite direction (an isobreak)
I do mine like this:

Start with isolations. The hoop is in my right hand going COUNTER clockwise.. so counter clockwise isolations. It's kind of like anti-spin flowers.. when your hand is at 9 o'clock, you can PUSH forward, the hoop does one revolution, then you pull back into an isolation. Same at 12 o'clock (push up), 3' o'clock (push back [right]) and 6 o'clock (push down). Same for your left hand, except the hoop will then go clock-wise.

I am not completely sure if that is right, but it looks like it is when I do them.. If you don't get it send me a message, I'll make a video for you.
ive been having problems understanding the iso pop also. amanda, i would LOVE to see a video on how you do it. i have found only one tutorial on the isopop, but its not really helping me much and ive been watching the other videos of people doing it and still cant figure out how to do it correctly. i guess my brain cant work that fast! any video help would be greatly appreciated!
I'll make one for you today and post it later on tonight or tomorrow :)
you are sweet! cant wait to see it. thanks SO much!
sorry, i promise i havent forgotten, i am gonna record it at the studio tomorrow before I teach. busy week sprung up on me
Hope this helps a little.
I've been following this thread b/c I cannot do isopops for the life of me. Your video helped tremendously since it was more detailed... OMG THANK YOU!! :)
great! that makes me happy, i was worried that i didn't make complete sense :)
OMgosh amanda! THANK YOU SO MUCH! absolutely perfect. thank you for taking the time to break this down, especially in such detail-- its just what i needed. im sure this will help a lot of people! what a great way to start the day! thank you thank you thank you!


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