I have been trying to knee hoop for a while now, but whenever i get the hang of it my knees hurt so bad i cant even continue! The next day sure enough great big bruises appear. Is this unusual? And most importantly does it ever stop hurting/bruising? Or is there anything im doing wrong or could change to make it better? Please give me any info you have because i really love to knee hoop :)

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Try wrapping your knees in something. It's not unusual to be bruised, and it does eventually improve (part of it is just that your body figures out how to avoid the damage and push the hoop without bonking into your bones). I recommend cutting the toes off some heavy socks and pulling the remaining tubes up around your knees.
Im glad to hear that it will improve! Thanks for the advice
I used some of that stretchy bandage stuff that you put round your arm/leg, etc if you get a sprain.
It alo came in useful when I started working on shoulder hooping & breaks at the shoulders, as the hoop was bruising more & hurting when it hit the bruises!

If you're being quite forceful or fast with the hoop, that could be what's making it hurt.
Also, you might want to switch to a lighter hoop.
If your hoop's light already, maybe practice on a children's hoop?
(Then again, it would take more effort to keep up!)

Another idea:
When you feel that the hoop's geting a bit wobbly around your knees, move the knee that isn't the pusher knee to the opposite direction that you're hooping in.
That just sounded really complicated.
I've got a tutorial on youtube that might be able to help you, but it's getting the hoop up from knees to waist rather than just knees.
Search 'Tr0llin9ton' or 'knees to waist hooping tutorial' and you'll probably find it.

Good luck with it!
Hope your bruises clear up!


xxxxx :)
Awesome dude, thanks for the video its very helpful!
Make sure you're hooping just above the knees and not over the knee caps, cause this will definately hurt!
I'm so glad to have found this post.  I'm having a lot of the same trouble, i've been working on knee hooping for a while now and i find i can only practice a few hours before my knees hurt to bad to continue.  The advice really helps :) thanks everyone!


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