So I just got my hoop and I can kind of knee hoop. The issue is that I can keep it a bit above my knees for a little while then is slowly goes down my legs. I can't really keep it there for a long time. I did just start so I am practicing a lot but I want to know if there is any tips on keeping it there for a long time?

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walk in a circle?
bending your legs help, im having the same problem though
Have you watched SaFire's knee hooping tutorial on You Tube?  I used to have the same problem but watching SaFire's tutorial gave me a different methodology in terms of the motion of the hoop and the push points.  I could have saved myself a lot of bruises.  It still took a good amount of practice to get the feel for the motion.  I started trying to learn it right away and have been hooping for just over 2 weeks now.  I just got the one-legged knee hooping trick yesterday and I definitely credit SaFire with giving me the tools to do it!
Thanks! I'm gonna practice and mess around with what all of you have said and see what works (:
Also check out Arsyn's tutorial on YouTube. His user name is seer5. He's got a great knee hooping tutorial too. It's an "advanced" tutorial, but the tips he gives are still great for beginners. Make sure your legs are bare, shorts not pants—it's way easier that way. Maybe even put some lotion on them to make them a little sticky/grippier. Make sure your pushes are strong in both front and back.
Thanks to everyone seriously! I have it now! I'm still perfecting it but I can actually do it so thanks (:
hello I had the same problem when i first started. So this is what helped me =) I Hoop to the left so i put a majority of my weight on my right foot and keep that leg stationary. My left leg/knee is the one that pumps the hoop, moving my leg front and back (like you do when your hooping around your waist) you have to keep the same consistant speed the whole time. When you feel the hoop dropping i even out my weight on both of my legs and i "knee the hoop up" with my right leg and catch it with my left leg (front back pump) and move faster to keep the hoop may travel up your legs depending apon how high you lift your knee up. play around with it see if it helps =) I hope it helps! =) also turning in the current helps with this as well =)


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