Does anyone else think it would be really cool if people made videos of themselves actually learning new tricks instead of just performing them? I think that would also help other people out with learning. If you've stumbled across some videos like this please link me. :D

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I've got a few videos like that! 


In this one I'm practicing with multiples and include a lot of footage of the learning process:

This is a practice where I'm working through some moves:

And this is the video I did for the August Challenge where I show progress/the learning process: 

You are so freaking brave. I am always afraid of my hoop flying off and breaking something. I've seen some of your videos with your big screen in the background and I find myself nervous for the safety of your tv. You are a hoop ninja.
Ohh, another thought—I teach classes and I think it would really help my students watch me work through a new move so they can see that it just takes practice and persistence. I think when you see someone that's really good without seeing the work it took to get there the move can look easy/simple/graceful and impossible at the same time. I think it would help encourage them to keep going and that it just takes practice.
I completely agree. Whenever I watch people that have been hooping for years I'm so overwhelmed and blown away all at the same time. It does inspire me when I watch other people but it can also be pretty discouraging. Thanks for the videos! <3 <3 <3
What a great post - I do utilize this when I am teaching myself a new trick or want to troubleshoot myself in a particular hoop move but I have not posted a video for the world to see on it - I think as a teacher it would help my students to see me struggle with a move and to work through it!
yes! i was teaching a friend of mine through a video how to step through an isolation. she saw me fail and fail and then finally nail it. 20 minutes later i got a video response from her failing and failing then nailing it& jumping up & down doing a happy dance! You not only learn what to do that way, but what not to do.

I try to tape myself everytime I learn a new trick. Got a bunch of video's on my external hard drive (they make my pc reeaaalllyy slooowwww) but haven't found the time yet to edit them into one video. You can really see the progress I've made.

But yeah, too lazy to do something with them :/ Which was my intention in the first place.


Sorry, this is not of much use for your question :)

I've made videos of my practice, but mostly just to watch myself to learn where I need to improve and find connections where I think - "Oh, I should have transitioned into xxx there..."   I usually delete them after a while so they don't fill up my hard drive, but every few months I save one.  Those I watch occasionally just so I can see how I've improved, even if it doesn't feel like it. 

The last video I posted I was practicing breaks, but also performing a bit since I had planned to share it so I'm not sure if that's the kind of video you had in mind, but there are several spots where I totally mess up or fling the hoop.  I showed some of my friends and they actually said they liked it when I messed up.  LOL

Here it is if anyone's interested... 

Fun topic! I finally worked up the nerve to take a video of myself practicing. Earlier today when I was outside I got down the shoulder duck-out. I decided to get my husband to take a video of me practicing. Between him making a face at the camera, my Great Dane (Daisy) getting in the way, and messing up most of the tries, I finally nailed the move. 



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