Hello fellow hoopers! So this may seem silly but I had to ask... does anyone else get attacked by night dwelling bugs when they hoop with their LED? I hadn't ever before but I got my LED in the winter so I didn't really know or anticipate it. I didn't think an LED would be bright enough to attract them. Well just saying I got mauled last night by moths and gnats and all sorts of other night bugs so just spreading the warning to wear bugspray or have an alternative brighter light around you to attract them there instead!  If anyone else has funny/terrifying LED bug stories I'd love to hear them. Or if they have alternate solutions? Thanks for reading! Happy hooping :)

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Yes yes yes!!! My new astral aura minis are soooo bright!! And bugs are attracted to them like a zapper!!! I keep havin to shoooo them away from my eyes and mouth!! 

Try a vanilla spray http://www.ehow.com/how_2257484_make-insect-repellent-vanilla-extra... or

http://www.ehow.com/how_8101012_make-vanilla-spray-bugs.html I live in buggy Florida and have had pretty good luck with these.

I haven't noticed this actually... if anything I'd think hooping and constantly moving would ward away the bugs... no? I know I've been LED hooping while camping and at music festivals (after heavy rain, and bugs out everywhere) and I've surprisingly been ok...But maybe my LED hoop isn't bright enough..?

Eek! I never thought about this happening, lol. Definitely try the spray Rose mentioned, or if you can get one of the lemongrass based sprays at a health food store, they work well too.


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