I just bought an amazing led hula hoop, but I am worried that maybe it's detrimental to my eyes to use. I haven't found any information about this anywhere. Does anyone know anything about this?

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I wouldn't worry about it...Hoops are made to be looked at, its not like shining a bright LED keychain directly into your eye, which sucks balls.  I'm definitely no eye doctor though, I would ask a qualified physician : )

I'm no optometrist by any means, but I play with my LED All the time and my eyes are fine. LIke she said they're meant to be looked at. Its not like lazer pointers that make you blind from prolonged exposure. You shouldn't have anything to worry about.

Are you experiencing headaches, floaters in your vision or anything that is making you worry about your eyes? 

Sun glasses! ;)

No, I'm not experiencing anything bad, I am just so floored by the amazing brightness and awesomeness of my hoop that I figured there HAD to be something bad about it! Lol, but thank you this was helpful

im sure your eyes adjust to the brightness of the hoop once you start using it, I wouldnt worry

I am positive that using an LED hoop over an extended period of time in the dark will hurt your eyes over time, just like using a computer or watching TV. I do notice that I don't look at my hoop directly when I hoop. I think, though an LED hoopers life, the damaged caused by hooping with an LED won't outweigh the damage of watching others with LED props. 

Oh but I did see a video of this guy with way way way bright Buugeng staffs, and he uses protective eye wear. He's really good, and the goggles make him look super bad-ass.




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