After waiting over 2 years to afford an LED hoop I decided on Lighted Lifestyle.. I really should have listened to my friends warn me about "Lighted Lifestyle LED Hoops," based out if Missouri, but I bought one anyway. Actually I bought 2. They were supposed to be a pair of hoops for double hooping, not mini hoops, just doubles.. made exactly alike. I bought them, excluding the warnings, because I played with my friends and LOVED the weight of the hoop and the construction of them compared to other companies I tried over those 2 years. I figured what they told me and the rumors couldn't have been that bad or even true, but boy was I wrong. I received only ONE hoop, not 2 like I paid for, and the people on the other end of the web sites WILL NOT RESPOND and threw the grape vine I even got the guy, Kurt's, real phone number and he will not call back or answer, AT ALL. It would be cool if I could at least get my money back for the second hoop.. But at last, I can't even get an I'm sorry.


This is one sad and frustrated kitty. </3


Order Information
Order Number

Order Date and Time
07/09/2011 06:28:00 PM

LED Hula Hoop
Hoop Diameter: 30"; Tubing Size: 3/4" HDPE; Number of LEDs: 28; LED Pattern: U U G U V U G U U B U L U B U U G U V U G U U B U L U B
Delivery Method: USPS Priority Mail (Pending Shipment)
Quantity: 2
Subtotal: $240.00
Delivery Address
United States

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that is a bummer and i would be wicked pissed and upset about that. that is not right there has to be somebody you can talk to so you can at least get your money back. I'm pretty high tempered i would have left them a pretty rotten message and if i were you i would call somebody to report the unlawful activity of stealing your money! so awful! i am so sorry to here this!!
So sad!!! :( If you paid through credit you might be able to contest it but it could be hard. I've heard a lot of people upset about lack of communication, getting the wrong light pattern, etc. from them—but only getting one hoop when you paid for two is awful! Hope they give you your money back or send you another hoop. And one that's PERFECT.

I don't know if this is something you would want to do, and I don't really know what the deal is when you do this, but can you report them to the better business bureau, is that something in your area?  This is totally unrelated but a person that comes into my work was getting screwed over with some computer repairs/purchases and he threatened to take them to small claims court and the better business bureau....  Don't know if that is something you can do, or whatever, but I would threaten them with legal action....

I think we should take a field trip to MIssouri.
That's awful! </3  How rude of them! *hugs*
I feel bad for him/them, because from what I understand he/they are very overwhelmed.. But I really think they should put their site on "vacation" and hire new people, or figure out something else that will work. I'm very sorry that has happened to you, and I hope it gets sorted out soon. Just a word of advice, you may not want to leave your full address on here.. While most of us are awesome and nice hoopers, you never know who might be lurking <3
I do understand your frustration though, when I was first looking into LED hoops, I emailed him/them a couple times with what I wanted and NEVER heard back. :( Went to Moodhoops instead, and now I have 4 hoops from them, and love them all!
Mood Hoops are wonderful and affordable.
Did you order through paypal?  Pretty sure you can set up a dispute through them.

To file a paypal dispute you have to do so within 6 weeks of the order date. The problem is that LL has a 6-8 week shipping window, so while you are sitting there twiddling your thumbs waiting for your hoop to come, they have squeaked past that window and now it is in your & your credit card company's hands to do something about it.  


I feel bad for them too in a sense, but this is a really dishonest way to get around legality compliance & liability with paypal.


They should put new orders on hiatus, stop taking payments, finish their work and/or hire some people to get the work done.  REALLY poor work ethic.


That's awful :(
aww mandi this is horrible! when all did you order them? im sure theres a mix up somewhere, kurt and misty are awesome people and im sure youll get both of your hoops. ill send them a message for you. love&miss you lady hope to see you soon


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