No one has thrown down the gauntlet, so I thought I would. The rules for this challenge are as follows: 2 minutes of hoop dance to the song of your choice with no contact below the wrist. This means stalls, breaks and reversals (if you do them) have to be done without the use of your hands. If you drop the hoop, you are allowed to pick it up (had to put that clause in for me, don't know how to do the kickstart yet). The objective of the exercise is to focus more on the dance and less on the tricks. As an example, I am posting a video of the lovely Caroleeena with a guest appearance by Icky. Have fun and happy hooping!

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oooo fun!!!!

video coming soon!!
hahaha she almost grabbed it!!

this is going to be hard
my cats run and hide when they see me w/ my hoop. I imagine them saying "no new tricks in the house!"
ahhahaha my cat is the exact same way!
Great idea! :-)
I'm down....I'll try to get a vid by this weekend :)
Oh, I love that video, & Caroleeena is the best armwork inspiration ever. Have you all seen her tribe posts on arms? If not hurry right on over there. She is an arm genius.

And her great tutorial about integrating dance too:
Great idea for a challenge, btw-- thanks, Lowcountry Hooper!
Thanks for reminding me. I meant to post the integrating dance video too.

im a little confused... anything but ur hands right? this means u can use ur arms, and upper body, just no touching the hoop with ur hands right?
That's how I interpreted it.
Anything, except your hands. If you can hoop with your mouth, go for it. Feet, arms, shoulders, neck, all acceptable.


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