So I have been reading up on Kris Carr's website crazysexylife, I am not a cancer survivor, or anything but I think she can be an inspiration to anyone. Every wednesday she does a love list, she list 10 things she loves at that moment, here is my go at it, I would love if everyone posted their love lists too, it makes you a little more grateful.

1. Snow!
I love the first snow storm, with all the swirly white goodness, granted it makes hooping outside harder, but snowflakes on eyelashes really does something to a girl

2. End of Exams
I know not everyone is in this situation, but I am, and to be almost done is wonderful. It means a new start!

3. My PPE hoop!
Anyone with one knows what I mean. I am all about speed and grace and this hoop has it all

4. Green Smoothies!
Everyone should try them! Go over to the discussion on Green Smoothies to find some recipes. They fill me up and curb my hunger from less desirable foods. AND I get a glass full of vegetable goodness

5.Umphrey's McGee
My brother's birthday was yesterday and my present to him is me him and his girlfriend, plus two others are going to a Umphrey's show. We used to all go to shows fairly often, and this is a much needed break from the daily grind.

6. Art ClassesFun people, art supplies and creativity, that sounds wonderful. I dont really lable myself as an artist but I do love some of the pieces I bring out of that room.

7.My local Co-op
How many places in town can I get all my groceries in 10 minutes or less, with a wonderful atmosphere on top of it all?

8. Big Bags
I dont support leather, but I do have a large hand-me-down leather bag that used to be my mother's diaper bag when my brother was a baby and I love it, I can carry everything in it,everything, even a folddown hoop.

It gets me ALL stretched out, connects me, and makes me feel like a superhero. check out acroyoga

10. Choices
Right now it feels like I have too many, but it is better than none

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I love her crazysexycancer/crazysexylife stuff!!
Okay, here are my 10 things, in [mostly] no particular order:

1. God
Even when I'm busy screwing up majorly, I never feel like God's upset with me or angry or whatever. Quite the opposite, in fact. It feels like the more messy I am, the more amazing His presence in my life is.

2. My hubby
He puts up with a lot, and does it graciously. He is a good man.

3. My dogs!
We have 3 pups, and they bring me so much joy.

4. Hoop-related joy
I love when my practice turns into a meditation or a joyfilled dance, less about technique and more about LIVING.

5. Coffee
Really, I love it. Probably too much.

6. Reading
Such joy for me in this. Words are powerful! I feel blessed that I can read, and that I love to do so.

7. Blue skies
Although a gray sky is powerful, I cannot describe the joy and freedom I feel when the clouds roll away. Especially if the sun is sparkling on fresh snow. :)

8. Other people
It took me a long time to realize how valuable relationships of all kind are to me. I'm glad I'm appreciating the people in my life more and more. They give me so much.

9. Being kind to my body
With my history of disordered eating, I've almost always abused my body in some way. I'm learning how to be kind to my physical self, and while it's really challenging, it's also very worthwhile and rewarding.

10. Light
I respond so positively to light. It's so simple, but it makes me so happy!!

Thanks for the opportunity to reflect!
That was wonderful bretherann, I view doing a Love List as a time to think about what you do love, and that really makes you focus on the good more. I hope others take the time to realize what is important and wonderful to them

sporting my lovely green smoothie this morning
Yay! Love the green smoothies.

I ended up blogging my list (here). Thanks for the morning inspiration and reflection, Emily!
1. My fiance and our golden retriever puppy, Sammy
These two guys are my family. They give me so much love and joy.

2. Hookah
One word: Yum! My fiance and I recently found some good tobacco we like and bought some all natural charcoals (made from coconut shells) to make our experience a healthier one.

3. My bathrobe
My bathrobe has come to symbolize peace. Whenever I wake up on a lazy morning, or when I'm lounging around the house, I wear my robe. Therefore, if I have my robe on, it means I'm snug, comfy, relaxing, and just enjoying life and free time.

4. The end of fall semester
Like Emily, I've also come down to the final stretch of my fall semester, and I am oh-so-happy to be on Christmas break soon.

5. Hula hoops
I've been hooping for five months now, and I absolutely love it. And I've also recently learned how to make hoops, which has become an awesome crafty thing for me to do in my spare time. :)

6. Jack Johnson
Enough said. :)

7. Friends
"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold." I am thankful for friends I've had for years and years, and I'm also thankful for new friends I've recently found.

8. LED Hoop
I recently bought an LED hoop, and I'm in love with it. Now, if only it were warm outside so I could hoop in the dark and really show-off the beauty of my new toy.

9. Lazy days, watching TV
I've become very fond of the days where I don't do anything, and I feel no guilt from it.

10. LIFE!
I absolutely love life right now.
Here Goes:
1 My family
2 Hula Hoops
3 my body
4 the sun
5 water
6 love
7 home birth
8 paint
9 knowledge
10 food

Great Post!!! I feel better already!!
my 10 things i loveee:

1. hot tea...its delicious and warm!

2. My kitten nugget...he is the light of my life i saved him and his two siblings and have raised him since 3 days old.
we are each others perfect niche!

3. True friends... people that will be there for you no matter what :)

4. Family who always supports me and loves me unconditionally

5. Hooping...which in so many ways has helped me

6. My adventures through life. they have brought me to be the person i am.

7. the green stuff... which in which i don't think i could have been as good of hooping as i am now. also with my body aches from sports all my life it makes my body feel much better.

8. J.M.G.... who in ways i cannot begin to explain has helped me to become a better person and show me things about life i wouldnt believe.

9. FOOD and i would like to enjoy some starving!

10. my bed...which at this point is calling my is extremely comfortable <3 it!
1. My boyfriend
He makes my life all sparkly and lovely ^_^

2. Our crazy kitty cat
She's a spaz in the morning...and in the afternoon, and the evening.

3. Panettone
Italian Christmas bread, oh my gawwdddd :drools all over myself: so good!

4. Hooping and poi
It feels really nice to get a new trick down. I can walk with my hoop going around my hips now. Yippee!

5. Sunlight
The sun sets at 4:30 up here, and I'm in class most of the day, so I absorb as much sun as I can when I get the chance. I'm like a plant. "Photosynthesis! Photosynthesis!"

6. My big stompy TUK boots
I always feel kick-butt when I'm wearing them.

7. Pizza
My favorite food of allll time ^^ Nothing beats a meaty, cheesy pizza with a really good crust. Yum. I'm such a glutton

8. Spin jams
It's good catch-up and social time, and my friends are fantastic :)

9. Dancing
Even if it's just for a minute or two, I feel loads better after a little boogie down session

10. Finals almost being over!!
I love my school to bits and pieces, but I feel the stress of the end of the semester just like everybody else. I'm going to be glad for the break so I can chill out and focus my energy on practicing and stuff :)
Thanks for this! I might play this on my Facebook account today... and everyday maybe!

PS... its snowing on here!!
This is a good discussion, I feel too many people in the world take things for granted. When they say they're happy for something, it might be something broad like their home or their family. But picking specific things truly shows appreciation I think.

1. My new nose piercing
2. my home business
3. having free time to get on hoopcity
4. friends sharing awesome new music with me
5. my cute lil doggy
6. for it to have stopped raining for the first time in 3 days!
7. my recent trip to Ireland!!!!
8. my camera for recording memories, even if it does eat batteries like crazy
9. yummy delicious coconut!
10. books to read

my list consits of:

1. My Boyfriend- he puts up with all of my crap and then some and is still around and smiling so yay for him!
2. My Mom- my mom is the coolest and i love her to death. we like to cuddle up and watch gilmore girls together <3
3. Hooping- it is the one thing no matter what kind of mood im in that can make me smile. i feel free and creative and im soooo happy i started hooping.
4. The Green Stuff*- it just helps me get through headaches, cramps, homework, and i love hooping with it. i feel spiritual if you will.
5. My Lovely Friends- lately ive been busy and broke so i dont see them much but i love them with all my heart and their are the greatest! without them i would probably go mad, for real.
6. Movies- i can cuddle up and watch any movie with anybody, doesnt matter if its new or if ive seen it a million times. movies are my passion and i kept at it!
7. Hot Coco- the only drink that gets me through the winter. I go to timmy hos and order a hot coco and a chocolate milk and mix them together so its extra chocolately and cool enough to drink right away :)
8. Hoopcity- i really do get pure joy from watching others videos and looking through pictures, replying to discussions. I love seeing new tricks i can try, finding out new music, just talking about random things with fellow hoopers. Its the new facebook for me!
9. Reading- i really like reading about anything, just usually not what is assigned by my teachers haha. But i like getting consumed by a book, i should make more time for it.
10. Fun- i mean, singing along with the radio, dancing around your room, sledding in your front yard, staying up all night talking to the boy, slumber parties, eating ice cream out of the box, arts & crafts time, aboslutely anything to make me smile. going to lasertron with everyone from work, dressing up when its not halloween, going for a walk by the falls, riding my bike etc.


o yea, #11 if you will, i love my kittys to death, they cuddle up and keep me warm when i get home from school!


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