Make Someone Smile: Share a funny or adorable photo/video

Saw this the other day and it made me smile. Share a photo of something that makes you laugh, smile or feel all those awesome warm and fuzzy's inside.

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Amazing! This pic never fails to make me smile:


Oh man. That is awesome.

aah, brilliant, I was wondering how you did that!
AH This is definitely going to be my new background. It goes with my "think happy thoughts" post it notes that are stuck to my computer at work . Too funny
Oh wow that is super cute!!
Too cute!

this picture is my favorite! it's on my twitter!! it's sooo silly!

That is too funny!


OK, That is fricking ADORABLE! :-)
hahahaha aw i love him!
hahaha aww the last little kitty knows how to grooooove.


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