Hey I've been trying to figure out how to make a dream catcher hoop does anyone have any idea where to start and what kind of materials I would need? Also I would like to make it light weight a collapsible if possible. Any thoughts or inputs would be greatly appreciated. Love and Light~

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maybe you should start off looking up how to make a regular dream catcher. i wouldn't even be able to begin thinking how to make a collapsible one, but i'd acquire some tubing and make a regular (whatever regular is to you) sized hoop, and then a smaller hoop. the sizes are up to you. now for structure i'd suggest drilling holes into the hoops and sticking wood dowels or something like that through them to create the basic structure of the hoops, then go crazy with some good leather cord or suede cord and feathers and all that good stuff!

that's just my idea though. for the whole structure thing depending on how big the hoop will be, you will need anywher from 3-4 wood dowels to fit into the holes and create a kinda ferris wheel-ish structure

Ive made one before. Turned out fabulous!!! First, search online on how to make a dreamcatcher....possibly a video. Its easy. For my hoop, instead of using sinew, which is the string used for dreamcatchers, I simply used yarn. You could also use hemp. As for makung it collapsible, I forsee that being difficult. I assume maybe you ciyld use hot glue to ensure your string stays in place once collapsed. I dont really know....but if you,figure it out, let me know!! Good luck!!

i think she means a dream weaver hoop like the ones luna breeze makes but i could be wrong....

Don't want to step on any toes!! But, do you guys think it's kinda messed up to "borrow" hoop making ideas like the dreamweaver or even maghoops? I've considered making both, but I'm not sure how it would come off to snatch up others ideas. Or is it okay if I don't profit/ sell these designs I've borrowed?


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