They look great with solid day hoops, but I feel like using an LED takes the illusion away from them. I really like off body and isolation style tricks, but I feel like I can't use them with my glow hoops because they don't look clean. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me?

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I used to feel this way... Honestly the only way to feel more confident with isos is to keep practicing them. Lighter hoops like poylpro can help make them a little more smooth looking. But the upside to messy isos with an LED is you get to see the tracer more :]

I think isos look even cooler with LED hoops. If you can make it look clean it looks like the lights are chasing themselves in a perfect circle. And then when you do the iso-pop it's even more awesome because all of a sudden the trails appear and you can see where the hoop used to be in one place.

I really like practicing isolations with my LED while looking in a mirror or a big window at night. It really shows what is going on helped me get the movements down.

Would you mind sharing which tricks look nice at dusk? (:

If the LED hoops wobble at all, the illustion is destroyed, so you need to focus on precision with your off-body moves. The only way to get better is to practice. If you have access to a large mirror or reflective glass surface, that will give you instant visual feedback. Otherwise, video and review.

Practice stopping the tricks mid-flow without wobbling. This requires wrist strength & stability.

Practice keeping your planes perfectly straight. Try doing your tricks right up against a wall.

Practice keeping your isolations still. This requires strength in your shoulders and focus.

Practice the rhythm of bounces. Steady rhythm helps to keep the illusion alive.


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