Any hoopers from the Maryland area? I need someone to jam with. =)

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Eastern Shore of Maryland here, bout 40 minutes to ocean City, 2 hours from the Rockville area! Hello!
Hi hi! I am in Towson/Lutherville/Phoenix area! I would love to hoop with you, lets get together!
Hey MD hoopers! Join the Delmarva Hoop Dance Meetup Group: I'll be organizing FREE hoop jams all summer and teaching weekly classes at Brickhouse Cardio Club in Highland, MD on Thursdays at 7:15. I hope to hoop with you soon :)
Dimitty, I am trying to friend request you but it isnt working. I am in Gaithersburg MD and I would love a hooper friend. I just moved here and just had a breakup so well I need friends and hooping badly haha. Msg me!!
Meee I just moved here. I notice this post was done in 2009 so you are probably long gone...but in the off chance you arent well hit me up!!


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