I know this isn't exactly hoop related, but I am beginging a new journey in my life. In a year I will be moving to Massachusetts for school, and want any information I can get. It will be a brand new chapter of my life, and I want to live to the fullest. Are there any hoopers living in Massachusetts? I want to know what you love/hate about it, what places are awesome for living, etc..any information would rock. I can look these things up on google, but I want to hear from real people with the same interest as me. ;)

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Feel free to ask me anything...I have lived in Mass most of my life and I live near Boston and work in the city.  There is a hooping community called Boston Hoop Troops, they have a website. For places to live....it depends on where your school is. Welcome to MASS!!!


HEY cool!!!!! I live in Fall River MA!  (don't live there) LOL but the surrounding towns are awesome such as wesport (if you  like the more rural area)  Seekonk, swansea, rehoboth!  MA is one of the most expensive states to live in... and don't let the MASSHoles that drive piss you off, not everyone is an asshole here lol.  Hope to hoop w/ ya!!!

Iam travelling now.  I lived in on the south shore and boston is as fun as you make it like any big city you can do whatever you want.  best places for a young and happening person I would reckamend Cambridge, Brighton and JP(Jamaica Plain).  JP is maybe the best place though it is the most secluded on the edge of town no happening parks but the Arnaold Aboretum is there. JP is mid price for rent, Cambridge is probably more and brighton is the college area near BC and most cheap for rent. Any where further from down town would be less expensive.  Back Bay is in the middle of town if you can afford that. 

The only thing that I hated about living in Boston was the living in an the hood, Dorchester, where I found it hard to make friends.  Then still making friends in town was hard for me to keep up with. 

Check out BIkes not bombs in JP too. escepially if like bikes need a bike or want every one to have a bike.

Awesome! Thanks for the much needed information :D I may be coming to you guys for more questions before I move.
How was the move? I live pretty close to Boston (about 20 west) and always love meeting new hoopers. Hope all is well!
What are you doing there!? Why didn't you today ya big meanie! Please don't go :-(


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