I dont want to come off sounding like a biotch but im really pissed about customer service and crappy companies! this is sorta long sorry, im sure i could have shortened it a little :)

i ordered in october from them, 2 rolls of hdpe tubing, and enough tubing for one hoop of Polypro tubing... i got a quote of 5 dollars shipping and it came out to 20... fine... no biggie at the time it was still a good price, but i just wish they knew a better way of estimating, plus i assumed it came from another warehouse which caused the rate to go up.

a couple of weeks ago i just bought 2 rolls again, a little more of 1 this time... they send it in this HUGE box that me and bf could live in if it came down to it!, lol... it was unnecessarily big. any way there was a packing slip inside that has the correct total for the tubing ($34 and some change) and it also said around 5 dollars for shipping. i was like wow sweet! the guy on the phone told me it would be about 15 bucks! i cant wait to order more!.... low and behold they called me and said my card was declined (which i had assumed it had gone through when i called them over the phone and gave them the info the day of the order - they shouldnt just hold onto your info like that!)... the card was declined because the account had been compromised and had to be closed a few days after the Mcmaster order was placed. so i told them we could call them as soon as the new card was received... yesterday i called them to pay my bill... they then sent me a receipt for $73.73!!!! the shipping was more than the tubing. had i known this i wouldnt have ordered it from them, i would have went a diff route....


from what i have read on this site and many others they are a great place to order from and usually shipping is cheap.... AM I CRAZY?! did they over charge me... i am about to call and step out of my sweet shell and attempt to raise hell but i just wanted to make sure i have a little ground to walk on....

has anyone else really paid this much for shipping from them?

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I've bought a couple of things from them and haven't had that big a problem, but i do agree their boxes are to big and it makes the shipping more. I'd definitely ask some questions about why the shipping was so much and ask about having them not ship it in such a huge box( been thinking about doing this). I know that you can get the same tubing but the sizes are different price. Like i bought 5/8'' 110 ft and it was about $25 ($13 shipping) and i switched over to 7/8'' 100 ft  about $38 ($13 shipping). 

and i only bought 25 feet each time! it just seems like they are charging me as much as want to. :-/ grr

I buy the 100ft rolls of tubing and shipping is usually about $5-$7 each time.  If your invoice stated shipping was only $5, you may want to inquire on it.  I've ordered at least 12 rolls over the past year (as well as connectors and pipe cutters) without a problem from them.  I also had them note in my account to never use the box for the rolls of tubing as I found it quite wasteful.  No more boxes since then :-D

I'll let you know, I work in Customer Service, the WORST thing you can do right now is to start out a conversation yelling.  It will NOT get you anywhere faster, it will actually be slower.  Trust me.  Very calmly and sweetly explain to them that your invoice in the box said $5 for S&H and advise them of the total.  Did it ship UPS Ground like they usually do?  Shipping should not be more than the tubing.  How much was each roll of tubing you purchased?  Did they misquote the tubing cost and accidently double the price you should have been charged.  Most answers can be calmly worked out over the phone and will end in you still being happy with the company and ordering again in the future.  If the CS Rep can't help you out, then you should ask for a manager.  It could have all been a computer error on their end, there is always an answer :-)

:) thank you! i really hope its wrong. thats how i feel, it shouldnt be more than the product...


i always start out sweet and calm.. if they get snippy with me on the phone, i get a little stern back, then if they continue to be rude i ask for a manager... im def not one to call a company and yell to the high heavens. like you said i want to keep ordering from them! i love their product, for the most part their service has been great and they come so highly recommended. im glad im not being totally out of line for wanting to at least pursue a refund on my shipping.


thanks for the box tip too ill def do that next time with anyone if i can.


the tubing was 50 feet of 7/8 hdpe which was like 25 bucks and 22 feet of 3/4 hdpe which was about 12. one lady i did speak to said it was a 37 dollar shipping charge..



AAAAHHHH!!!! they just called me... not so nice on the phone but told me they would credit the difference between what i was quoted and the actually cost :)

yay! the guy i talked to though said they you are not able to opt out of boxes...hmm... oh well i will be more prepared next time i order tubing!



You dont even want to know how much I paid for my tubing from them. I live in Hawaii, and the only option they gave me online was UPS ground or UPS Next day air (which is REALLY expensive, especially for the very large box they sent the tubing in.) I called and they at least offered me UPS next day air, which was a little cheaper, but still, I paid something like 70 bucks for shipping. Way more than the 50 ft of 7/8 and 25 ft of 3/4 I purchased. I wish there was another way to get HDPE or PPE tubing out here, but there isnt. I tried to use the other plastic supply place, but they don't even offer shipping to Hawaii.

have you tried any of the other tubing... not poly... i mean gas tubing or aquapex? there are so many choices out there, maybe some that are more available at a cheaper rate.


if you want some link i am sure i have a few saved in my bookmarks :)

haha omg dude! same thing happened to me! I bought 10 ft of polypro....i get this ridiculously huge box. I open it, and theres all this paper in it, protecting this miniscule little bit of tubing. I was like wtf? so I emailed them and asked them why the shipping (which by the way I never got an estimate, so I just figured it'd be 5 like it usually is....is 13). She replies "oh thats because of the size of the box...ups charged you extra." I feel like someone was just lazy and arbitrarily picked this box bc it was right there or something. I mean it's only like 8 bucks more for me so it's not really that big of a deal, but it's the principle! but yeah that seems way too steep for you to pay for shipping. Good luck, I hope it works out!
my boyfriend said the same thing.... there was no reason for it, just plain laziness and convenience.
All together I ordered fifty feet of tubing from them the shipping was six bux but I live in pa and they are based in Ohio maybe that why??!!
that could def be it... it just still seemed like a bit much for such a small amount. i may try us plastic next... or see if someone else carries it.

I used US Plastics, and got 100' of 3/4" OD polypro sent to MN for ~$60, around $45 for the tubing and $15 for the shipping.  Since I can make about 8-9 36" hoops from that, I didn't think that was too bad. (In practice, I never get the full length of the tubing into hoops; I always leave room for cutting errors, bad quality at the ends, etc.)

You mentioned Aquapex; I have used Aquapex but it is very heavy, so it really depends on what you are looking for.

wow, it's so much cheaper! what tubing do you use to connect the 3/4" OD?


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