I was looking to find a Dvd or tutorials on mini/double hooping. I am just starting both of these arts and I am stuck! I need to know what a good size for minis would be, where to get a cheap pair for practice minis. If you can help me let me know! :D

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So glad for the great advice! I just started with minis to add to my hooping classes and I am using the new Hoopnotica dvd as a guide. It is a good basic intro. I am using small minis I ordered from Hoopnotica so maybe I need to go with a bigger size for now. It is good to know that I can find videos and tutorials also. I thought it would be easier due to my experience with poi but finding it more difficult to translate the move from poi to minis.
I picked up poi in the beginning of the summer to help me learn minis later on.. Once you get the hand positions, it becomes easier to take poi moves and move them to hoops. Just keep practicing!
I have a set of 32" twins that I started working with first on doubles/poi-style hooping and then made a set of minis in a 26". I like having both to work with—especially on things like chase weave. I need to get some lighter minis though. Mine are made of 1/2" pex and they're a dense material that I'm not too fond of and hurt my hands. I've got a bunch of 1/2" poly but need to make new minis. The poly is so much easier to use AS a mini as well.
i agree. i started out with 20" minis, and eventually made myself 25" ones and they're a lot easier.

I have a few mini tutorials.


If there are any other moves you want explained, let me know!


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeU7ZAHrAJo  Forwards 3 beat weave


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rjMKkW1h67E Backwards 3 beat weave


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3aLwN3YIeI&feature=related Timing and Direction


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