I was wondering if anybody knows what the traditioal size range for mini hoops would be?

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I have 2 sets of minis-- 24" & 30"-- but I'm thinking about making some 20's & 32's too. 30" is just a skinch too small for much twin body hooping for me, & the main advantage of the larger size is the possibility of doing both. (They are a bit slower too, if you like that, but I like speed & lightness.) And there are some moves, like the buzz saw, or opposite reels without overlapping, that are a bit tricky with 24's, even with my long arms. I'd say don't bother with anything between 24" & 30" since those aren't really ideal for anything in my experience.
what psi are you using?
I have always heard between like 18" and 24", I prefer the larger end of it, cause there isn't tooo terribly much point of having anything smaller unless you spend A LOT of time with the hoops coming in towards your body. *Hard to describe

The nice part also, as circularlogic mentioned is that they move a little slower which makes learning a bit more friendly :)
Thanks. I have a pair of 31" that I made and was just wondering if those would be considered mini's or just twins. And I agree, they are a smidge too samll for shoulder hooping, I can do some other body stuff but I still find it a bit difficult.
I've got 3 sets...20 inch, 27 inch and 32 inch.

I always use my 32 inch ones now because, like circularlogic said, I like to have the ability to hoop on the body with them too. I can hoop with my 27 inchers on the body but it's pretty ridiculous - and not graceful! :)

I guess that 32 inches isn't really "mini" but since it's the same moves that I'm doing with them, I'm still going to call it mini. :) I actually think that maybe the term twins is better (or maybe poi style hoops), but I guess you can call them whatever you want! Good question...it never really occurred to me as my minis were growing in size each time I made them that maybe they weren't minis anymore!
They are growing in size because you want the ultimate hoops. Ones that are small enough to poi but big enough to core hoop. I'm doing the same thing. ; ) My new PSI hoops are 33 inches and so far they work for poi stuff too.
I've been using 33" hoops as well for body and poi-style hooping as well. Works wonderfully and I've even gotten the 3-beat weave down with the 33's; it's a little trickier on my 18's but I can do it. I don't do the buzzsaw very often but I only use my 18's when I do that. Trying to figure out how to do a modified buzzsaw with the larger hoops has led to a bit of bruising.

Even had Patrick size down my PSI to 33"....now if I could only afford to get her a sister!
33" outer diameter?
It's tough to say the "traditional" size, but recently people have been making the circumference of the hoop the same as there height. The finished hoop should be able to be rolled all the way up your body before overlapping.

I believe with that size, everyone should be able to do the Buzzsaw without hitting themselves.
Could you elaborate on this...I'm not sure what you mean by "rolled all the way up our body before overlapping"

Thanks for all the responses everybody! =)
Hoop Hugs!
It means that if you are 5'5" (65 inches) your hoop circumference should be equal to 65 inches. The circumference is the total length of tubing end to end when measured in a straight line. To figure out your hoop diameter, you would divide your height in inches by 3.14 (pi). 65 inches divided by 3.14 is 20.7 inches ( I would round up to 21".)
That's aweasome!! Thanks so much for this info!!


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