Im new to mini hoops I actually just got a set today from mood hoops as an early christmas present from my boyfriend. They are amazing but I dont know how to use them yet. I feel really awkward with them. Is there any tutorials or advice any one can give for a beginner mini hooper?

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Try and Mini hoops have the potential to go flying right out of your hands so be careful and have fun!

Yes, the hoops go flying haha.... And Sun it dose feel awkward but we should get it in time. My left hand is the most challegening.

SaFire's minis class is amazing.

I agree I just got a pair of minis this week too. I've started learning the 2 beat weave and tread the needle but its like my left hand is stupid! I've been sitting on the floor just getting comfortable with hand hooping and moving them around. However its slow going and I feel like I spend more time chasing after my minis. Thank you for the post though its been helpful.

right my left hand is not cooporating at all. But i assume this hand will just build muscle memory and then it will become a natural thing. 

Check out my new channel on youtube  hoopdeedoo1. I now have more than 40 twins tutorials with more added every week. I also take requests for tutorials.

if you're going for more of a techy vibe, it's easiest to take poi moves and translate them to hoops (not too difficult)...if you're going for a flowy vibe....just play around and do what feels right  (:

there are a couple facebook groups that you can join and get advice/watch videos

but i would suggest starting with plane control! learn your planes, and figure out how to keep both hoops spinning smoothly in those planes and work up from there. (:

remember, you're working with two hoops so there are alot more options!

same time, same direction

same time, opposite direction

split time, same direction

split time, opposite direction

You can take a look at Pam's site She is great at explaining hand positions and breaking down the movements. She works with larger hoops but the same techniques apply. As for the dumb left hand...I have found that repetition, one hand at a time works for me. Once I get comfortable with both hands, I combine them. I also allow myself to be ok with doing some of the moves only on my right side (i.e. 2 beat weave with right hand leading) and then work on letting the left hand lead. It helps to keep me from getting discouraged. Once you get used to the hand positions, you will find that the same changes apply to many different moves and it gets easier to learn new ones. Have fun! If it isn't fun, it isn't worth doing...unless you are getting paid :)


and check out we will be teaching mini hoops in orlando, gainsville, st.pete, atlanta, st louis and nashville ;)


Let me know if you have any other tutorial requests. :) :) :)

thank you so much! I want to learn the buzzsaw with them think you could do a tutuorial for that???

sure. its pretty simple. ill see what i can get filmed this break :) I also am planning on doing a tutorial on the fountain, once I get it broken down enough in my head.

Super excited for that fountain tutorial! I subscribed to your youtube so I'll be all over that :)

I would so be at a minis workshop if it was possible. I just moved away from Gainesville, haha.


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