Im new to mini hoops I actually just got a set today from mood hoops as an early christmas present from my boyfriend. They are amazing but I dont know how to use them yet. I feel really awkward with them. Is there any tutorials or advice any one can give for a beginner mini hooper?

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that sounds aweeomse thank you so much i cant wait!!!

The mini hoops from Moodhoops are great - I have a pair too - but you might want to try learning some of the more complex moves on a set of bigger minis or small twins to make the learning process a little less frustrating and slow them down a bit. :)

If you want to learn poi style moves, I highly recommend learning poi as well. Learning the concept with poi and translating it to hoops is much easier than trying to do both with hoops to begin with. 

I also think that treating minis differently from regular hoops helps. I approach my big hoops with a mindset like when I sit down to paint or write. When I tackle my minis it's more like sudoku: fun, but a brainteaser! This helps me not to get frustrated with my minis because I don't expect the same thing from them as from my other hoops.

Not Sure if anyone has suggested this, but check out Steve2Bags, Steve Bags' Youtube channel. Its great for "pooping" (which is his word for the combo between poi and hula hoop)

here are a couple cool vids:

Its not really beginner stuff I guess, but really interesting to look at some of the possibilities.

thank for all your suggestions guys I found using the poi does help quite a bit. Ive been progressing slowly but surely. I am proud to be teaching myself. I just learned the anit spin flower and the buzzsaw by myself. If i can do it anyone can

And don't forget to practice, practice, practice with your off hand. The advice I heard was to spend twice as much time spinning with your weak hand as you spend working with your stronger hand. 

When I'm working on a new move with minis I usually practice with one hoop 1st....with my weaker hand. That way I get the hardest part of the process ingrained first and then it's just a matter of incorporating my stronger/smarter hand and pulling it all together. 

I love mini hooping!! I don't recommend using your LED moodhoops to practice though coz chances are you're gonna be hurling them all over the place if you're still new at it. Make yourself a pair of ordinary minis especially for practice.


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