Everytime i charge my batteries in the charger that came with my mood hoop, the charger flashes red once and then stays green. But when i take the battery out, it still acts as if it's dying because the hoop is dim.

what's the deal?

i'm leaving for summer camp tonight and i need to get this sorted out.

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hm. my moodhoop charger is green when it is charging, then turns red when fully charged.

how long have you been using that battery? over time, its ability to hold charge is diminished. mine only lasts about 2 hours now before the LEDS start to dim.

you can find replacement batteries online at amazon for waaay cheaper than on the moodhoops website.


i have the same problem! i emailed moodhoops and they sent me more batteries but i actually think it has to do with the charger. just leave the batteries in the charger for like 2 hours they will charge, promise! i think the current in the charger that controls the light gets screwed up or something... because mine is reversed now for whatever reason

contact them and they'll send you new batteries. have you troubleshooted? played with the springs inside the hoop at all? sometimes that's the issue, and not the batteries themselves. but moodhoops will definitely help you out

may also be approaching the end of the battery life.  All rechargeable batteries have a lifespan.  Good luck!

Yeah you need new batteries. All rechargeable batteries eventually act worse than regular batteries. Maybe just buy some new Energizer ones and put them in. Those are guaranteed to last a dozen hours or so.

Moodhoops has said that rechargeable batteries you can get in stores will not have enough power to really light up their hoops. They recommend the TrustFire (I think that's what they're called), but they're really nice about sending out extras if you have issues, and they will get there in a couple of days. 

I remember reading a thread on here about MoodHoops's TrustFire batteries being a fire hazard. Is TrustFire really the only brand of battery that will light up our hoops the most?

Someone actually posted a response from Moodhoops about that.


I wrote Moodhoops and got this reply within less than 24 hours. I truly respect their excellent customer service.


Hi Courtney,

Thanks for writing in! I just read that whole thread and I'd be happy to explain a bit more about why Li-Ion batteries are used by LED hoopmakers, how to store and care for Li-Ion batteries properly, and along the way we'll describe the steps we take to keep you safe. 

So let's start with why Li-Ion batteries are used instead of normal Alkaline or rechargeable NiMh batteries that you can get in the grocery store. The main reason is that Li-Ion batteries provide more voltage, allowing a single battery to light up your LEDs. This lets you swap out for a fresh battery when your hoop starts to appear dim. Hoops that use NiMH or Alkaline need at least 3 batteries to light up the LEDs, which usually results in the batteries being inside the hoop and non-removable. That kind of sucks for festivals and all-night parties, which is why MoodHoops and others will use a single Li-Ion battery in LED hoops. 

Trustfire brand batteries are not used because they are cheap, in fact they are more expensive than NiMH rechargeables. They are used because they are the most common Li-Ion battery that is cylindrical, and can therefore fit in a hoop. Another reason they are used is because they can be purchased with a Protection Circuit. This Protection Circuit is golden in color and is attached on the bottom (negative end) of your battery. This circuit is designed to prevent the conditions that cause Li-Ion batteries to fail (namely short-circuit prevention, and overvoltage/undervoltage prevention). Please please please never use a Li-Ion battery without a protection circuit. Phones and laptops have this protection built-in, but hoops require a protection circuit on the battery. If you know a hoopmaker who is using unprotected Li-Ion batteries, please insist that they stop using them (or tell us and we'll tell them). 

Now let's talk about some care and usage guidelines for batteries. We already screen every single battery and charger that comes through our shop, so we will not willingly send you a defective battery. Still, you need to exercise due diligence in caring for your batteries. There are two easy ways to use Li-Ion batteries without any trouble: Transport and store them in a plastic case, and discontinue use if they appear damaged. Damage counts as: plastic wrap peeling off, corrosion spots, protection circuit no longer fully attached. 

How you transport and store batteries is just as important. What stands out to me about the original post in that thread is that the battery was stored in a bag of props, and a hole melted through. Please never store batteries where they can be crushed, punctured, or accidentally touch something metal. This goes for all batteries, not just Li-Ion. Some months ago we introduced free plastic battery cases with every order. If you ever lose your case, please write in and we will send you a new one for free! 

If this sets your mind at ease, I just want to mention that we store so many of these batteries in our facility, and have moved so many more through since we started our business. We have never had any battery spontaneously combust on our premises. Personally, as hoopers, we have each used and abused dozens of these batteries over the years and have never experienced a battery rupture, much less an actual fire. Proper handling and visual inspection counts for a lot, safety-wise. Occasional battery replacement is a normal part of owning an LED hoop. We totally understand that battery stuff and electrical stuff is not widely understood by everybody. That's why we send out free battery cases and put clear warning labels on them, as well as provide detailed battery care instructions with each hoop purchase. It's for the benefit of our hoopers and whoever else may handle our hoopers' batteries. 

We are 100% committed to safety on this issue, so please let us know if you think there's something we can improve. Also, please spread the word about the stuff I've mentioned to better inform all LED hoopers about battery safety. Thanks so much for caring about battery safety, and I hope you see that we do to :) 


p.s. You can always refer to this page on our website for a list of battery safety tips:http://moodhoops.com/battery-safety/"

Hope this is helpful :)

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