i currently have a 36' rainbow hoop from trick concepts. Its been fine but its very heavy for my personal preference. Im looking into a new one and ive narrowed it down to one from mood hoops or lighted lifestyles. Anyone have an opinion on which i should go for?

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andshespins, do you measure from outside to outside of your hoops, or inside to inside?
moodhoops measures their diameter from the outside to outside, not inside to inside, that may be why.
i love my mood hoops led. its amazing. i have the medium size spectrum hoop. quick shipping. its super light and thin. i have the 5/8 tubing.
I have a Lighted Lifestyles.  I like it, except the strobes aren't exactly right.  It took me months to get mine.  I emailed him once to downsize my hoop (at the time I needed a 50" but I got better over those months).  He never emailed me back and I wound up getting the 50".  I really don't like being informed about a very expensive item. :(
i have a mood hoop and love it! light, bright, thin, and affordable. they also have great customer service and are VERY quick. i ordered on a monday night and got it thursday.

I agree, Great customer service and fast shipping. I told them ahead of time that I had a performance coming up and they had no problem with getting it here on time. My hoop is the spectrum, very light weight compared to the ones I've played with before (trick concept) my mood hoop is a 33'' with the 5/8 in. hdpe tubing. I'm still getting use to this size of tubing I normally use a 7/8 in. The tubing is a little wonky so I wouldn't leave it coiled down overnight or in the sun. I wonder what thickness the tubing walls are?

I have a Cosmic Hooper LED and I love it. It's pretty lightweight, pretty well balanced and super bright. I've got eight white lights and eight rainbow strobes and it was $150.

I've also heard great things about MoodHoops and Illumi-Nation hoops. I'll probably buy a MoodHoop next.

You might want to look in the forums here for info on Lighted Lifestyles. Especially this thread, which is fairly recent:
And this one, which has some older reviews and some newer ones:

Most people's concerns are about customer service responsiveness and that the wait times are fairly long (they are at Cosmic Hooper too, but he always responded to emails quickly and would let me know the status of my order). Some people have gotten the wrong hoop, or had their hoop be a little off (missing a color, lights in the wrong order, fewer LEDs than they ordered). However, those that have gotten the hoops they ordered from LL seem to love them and really gush over them.

I love my Blaze from moodhoops! It's super light weight and the leds are very bright. Their customer service and shipping are extremely quick and responsive. It does seem to me that the hoop is not perfectly balanced, being a tiny bit heavier where the battery is, but it's not really enough to make a difference.
I've heard great things about mood hoops. :)
Mood hoops super bright and light. They mail it out quickly and now they have mini hoops. Mention Facebook for a free shipping upgrade. I did not have any problems with the hoop sizes.

i hear alot of great things about the mood hoops-how they are a great company-ship in a timely manner, and priced great! With lighted lifestyles, I feel you will have a similar experience as I did (not with LL but a similar type of company). These are 1 men operations out of there home-and it's summer time. Most of these guys are going to festivals-as well as there customers who are ordering these hoops. You can't run a business when your partying all week. 4-6 weeks is a long time-which is what i was promised where I purchased my hoop. To save yourself any frustration-or having to wait 8 weeks like i did-as I saw other people who ordered from LL did; and that time really feels missed. By the time you receive it summer will be over-and even a little of that excitement may dissipate. Spend the extra money-go to mood hoops-or even troo hoops!

Hoop <3 and Harmony!

yea thats a good idea thanks! yea that sucks because i love leg hooping and stalls so.. yea :p


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