I had my daughter two months ago and since then have been suffering from pretty bad postpartum depression. I am on meds and all that, but the thing that makes me the saddest is, i have absolutely no motivation. none to pick up a hoop, none to craft, none to be arty. i don't want to do much aside from sit around with my kids and sleep.

i really WANT to hoop and picked up the hoop two nights ago for the first time in a month and hooped for about three minutes but i just felt off and couldnt find my groove. does anyone have any advice on how to kick start my motivation and get back into it? i see my hoops stacked against the wall and i feel so guilty for not doing what i love. i wanted to get my hoop teaching certification in the spring but now i am feeling like maybe i shouldnt because i cant even motivate MYSELF to hoop.

any help/advice/suggestions are much appreciated. i love hooping so much and this rut i am in, is killing me.

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i'm really interested in this discussion, as i to have lost my motivation. i watch video's, read threds and its all great but it hasn't help me to pick up the hoop either.
what i have tried is to find others to hoop or do stuff with. it helps when you have somweone else counting on you to have a good time, i find that i can't talk myself out of it once theres a smile on my face and you get to have girl time instead f kid time. If your kids are big enough get them a hoop and hoop together, even just a dollar store one it would be fun!
self motivation is the hardest to get...but it's worth it once you find it!
i do the same with watching vids and reading threads and stuff. i can talk someones ear off about hooping but then still not feel like going outside and actually doing it.

its hard for me to meet up with people for things like that with two kids under two. a lot of times plans fall through because one of the kids is sick, or being unruly and not fit to take out in public (jack just started throwing super bad tantrums. terrible 2s :P)
i wasnt hooping when i had my second kiddo, but i can relate to the feelings you are having. i had horrible ppd, and could barely pull it together to do anything!
be gentle with yourself, your motivation will come back, your body is doing a lot right now. if you can set aside some time everyday even if it is 5 minutes, and do what you love, wether you want to or not. just do it because you know you love it. you will get your groove back. i have heard it said many many times before, "it takes 9 (10) months for your body to make the baby, and just that long to go back.
take it slow, you will get there.
thank you :)
thats a good idea! i like the concept of kindof forcing your self to do what you love...i'll have to try that myself.
I would give myself time to heal. Maybe put your hoops completely away so you aren't staring at them and feeling guilty, which is just going to compound your depression. Take care of your kids, and yourself. Your best thing to do may be to just read the kids picture books and look at the blessings in your life you have now, and not look so far ahead with "plans". See where your life will lead you, and live in the moment, and enjoy every minute of it. There were days when going to the mailbox was the highlight of my day...just love and be loved. :)
thanks :) this is actually what i am trying to do. for the past two weeks i have been taking the kids the museums and parks and trying to get more energy to just GO. ya know?
I suffered horrid PPD after a miscarriage 2 years ago. I was anxious, depressed and scared of crowds. It sucked big time. I also resisted treatment for a while, so I would urge you to visit your dr and discuss. I tried diet and exercise but I was in a serious funk. eventually I followed my drs instruction and got an anti. It was only to get better and a happy mummy is a happy baby. So please go talk to your dr about it! Don't be scared.

Visit postpartumprogess blog. They are wonderful and know so much more than any other place on the net. Read up on peoples experience and then you'll feel better. My poor husband was so worried about me, I was so sad and sick, and he did not know what to do. There is info for Dad if you need to have more support and understanding from your family.

If you need to talk or have question please contact me! I totally regret not seeing my dr sooner and getting help. It made a huge difference for me. I picked up my hoop for this first time EVER after I got treatment. I got my puppy, who is now the light of my life just shortly after too. all of it together helped heal me. So please do it for the baby and yourself, you deserve to be happy at this time in your life!

For me, my depression and anxiety was so HUGE that I needed Paxil. But it made a world of difference and now I'm better and off it.

Also, for the pregnant types. Look up consuming placenta. sounds gross right? There are people who will take your placenta and dry it up. They will make pills for you to take postpartum and people SWEAR that if helps you with PPD and healing after birth. The human body is truly amazing!
thank you. i am on medication for my PPD and it helps but not enough to make me feel motivated to do much aside from lay here. i want to do more things but cant find the energy or desire. i have a history with depression so i knew right away to get help (i also had PPD with my son). i am not dangerously bad off, just to where i feel like i don't want to do anything.
ahhh....I'm glad to hear you've talked to your doc. Its hard to get that motivation back. I was really down too and my husband pushed me to take the hooping class..which got me up and out of the house and into the sunshine. :)

Make sure to take care of you, eat healthy and hopefully you're getting some chances to get good sleeps in. Sleeping can make a lot of difference too (but not to much). I hope you start to feel better soon :)
Here's a site that contains some great info and resources for PPD http://www.jennyslight.org/support/postpartum
thank you. i am on medication and seeing a doctor. i was looking more for ideas on how to get myself back into hooping. :)


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