Hey there! I'm in Orlando, FL and it (as I'm sure you can guess) gets REALLY hot here. For example, it was 94 out when I drove to work at 4:30pm today. The hottest part of the day here is --unfortunately-- the only time of day we can find that the hoopers, poi swingers, and jugglers seem to want to come out and play (3:00pm-6:00pm). I have a pretty nasty allergy to the sun, and being hot makes me a highly moody girl; so I've been thinking of solutions to the problem of a hot climate (not to mention the summer rains are going to be starting soon which is part of our time frame for the jam). The best thing I can think of is to move it in doors. But there in lies the problem.


I'd like to contact schools with gyms, gyms, dance studios and ware houses, but I'm not entirely sure how to approach the issue. What I'd really like to find is someplace that could donate their space for 2 hours once a week; that would be the ideal end point.


So, I guess the reason I'm here yammering about this whole thing is because I'm curious if there's anyone who's done this, and if so, what you did? Hey, even if you're a marketing major and can give me some pointers on getting this goal accomplished I'm all ears.


I think the best thing I could accomplish would be perhaps finding a church with some kind of large covered pavilion.


Hoopers assemble! I need some serious help / pointers!    


<3 Sairz

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I found a cheap local dance studio space to rent out for a hoop jam and then asked people to donate $5 to help pay for the space.  It's a reasonable charge and I got enough to cover my room rental and then pay for the next one.  So my plan is to keep it rolling as long as people are showing up.  For this method, you do need a little cash upfront before people kick in to cover the room rental.


Drum circles are a great space to try.  They usually love dancers and hoopers there to appreciate their music.


I would ask local dance studios/yoga studios if you could host a free hoop jam there once a week and maybe they would donate the space since it would be like free advertising for them too!

Ah! thank you for giving me a good starting point. Tomorrow at our group I'll feel around and see if that's something people would be willing to essentially pay dues for; my really big concern is that I'm going to end up footing a bill for a collective (and selfish) comfort when I don't have the means to do so. I hadn't thought about the fact that it would be free advertising to the hosting space; I like this little fact and hope it proves a useful selling point!  Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out!

Hi Sairz! :)


I feel your pain, I'm in Daytona so its not quite as hot as Orlando as we get a bit of a coastal breeze but it is still way to hot to do any kind of hooping today, well until now and now I'm too damn tired. :(  SO...I feel ya! What I'm thinking is that sometimes churches have indoor recreation rooms that are only used on rare occasion and the only money needed is usually a security deposit that is refundable to avoid any damaged incurred.  A security deposit could be a problem though depending on how much it is etc. BUT it is might be a worth a shot if someone in the group would be willing to front that money and assume responsibility?? Maybe a youth group or gym nearby (smaller locally owned gyms might be more likely to let you use space for free especially if you have a membership there already?)  I would say the way to ask would just call to ask some general questions as to what kind of space they would have available for recreational purposes, and how one might go about securing that space on a regular basis. Maybe even art studios would have some unused space that could be available.  Amanda's idea is a good one too if people can help make a donation if you do find a space that requires a fee.


 Maybe a daycare center (with a large open play room space?), children's or youth center (maybe a youth indoor basketball court during off hours when no on plays?) even a nursing home.  I know the nursing home sounds a bit crazy but sometimes they have beautiful ball rooms with hard wood floors, only used very rarely, the rest the time they sit empty and unused! All that beautiful air conditioned space going to waste! Perhaps your group could  perform for the elderly on occasion in exchange for use of the room for practice for free? Would be a great way to brighten their days in exchange for free use of the room for practice (assuming they would go for it? I used to perform for elderly in nursing homes as a child)  I don't have a degree in marketing but maybe offering to come perform for the seniors and create an event to entertain them and show what you do, will get them excited to want to help you and let you use the space? A way to introduce them to the idea? I'm kind of in this dilemma myself as I want to start a hoop group out here- and usually I hoop on the beach but now even around sunset when I usually go it is still too hot. So I will need to find a space too- so if I come up with anything that works you could try I'll for sure let you know.  There is a public community gym type place close by here that rents out this huge beautiful space but it is a lot, like $500 for events, but perhaps when it is not schedule for events they would let me hoop there? There has to be places like this in Orlando too. I mean it doesn't hurt anything to have someone use the space when it is not otherwise being occupied as they aren't losing any money or anything- hopefully they will see it that way too, even if they let you maybe off the radar?

Another thought, perhaps you or others in the group could exchange hooping lessons to pay for the space at any possible place that might allow it. Then you can share hoop love with others and create more community as well as get an indoor air conditioned space to jam.  I don't know Orlando well so I'm sorry I can't give any specific places to try and contact. 

Anyway good luck! Please let us know how it goes and I'll do the same if I get something going with a space out here in D.B. 


I'll second the retirement home/ nursing home idea.  A local retirement home lets us use a room there for free for our art group to get together as long as our meetings are open to residents there.  It's a great deal!

I use my church's fellowship hall.  It's air conditioned, covered, has a tile floor and a high ceiling with recessed lighting and acoustical tiling.  It used to be a YMCA building, so it's an ideal setup.  I practice there several times a week and also host a monthly jam.  I bring hoops, music (clean lyrics, of course; gotta keep it family and church friendly), and bottled water.  We always have a good time. :)


If you can find a church willing to let you use the space and you can guarantee damages from flying hoops will be minimal, it's a good option.  Tell them you'll only use hoops with white or fluorescent gaff tape on them; those tapes don't leave marks when the hoop hits the walls or ceiling.  You could offer to do a free class or kids' jam every once in a while in addition to the weekly jams; you might get some of the church members into the hoop and grow your community that way.


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