So, I may be moving soon. As soon as I started thinking of moving  I started searching for hoopers in the area... I've searched here on hoopcity and googled with a variety of key words and combinations and as far as I can tell there isn't much of a hoop scene there.  Where I am now, I have a gaggle of hoop friends and I can't imagine being in a place without a hoop buddy near by.

 With that being said, I look at this as more of a challenge than a problem.  So, do any of you have any advice or tips for starting up a hooping community?


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Make one! Start a hoop jam. : D

But really, your options are to hoop alone, which can be awesome. Travel, which is nice too. Or make one, which can be really rewarding and a great way to make friends. No downsides!

I'm sort of trying to do this too but I haven't put the amount of work into it that I ought. But I've been *thinking* about it a lot so I'll share what I'm sort of planning.

The first thing I'd suggest is either making a facebook group for your spin jam and possibly (if you want) make posters. You'll need extra hoops to share (depending) and other than that I don't know. Possibly a sign that says what you're doing. "[city] Spin Jam" or something, I'm considering doing that actually now that I type it out.

One problem I find is that I don't think people know they're allowed to join in when I go out with the hoops.

I'm interested in this too though so I would love to hear from other people on this.

This is my problem right now. In my small town... hooping is practically non-existent. I ended up finding, in one of the local groups on here, that there is a "club" at one of the community colleges so I will be meeting up with them. Hooping alone after while just gets lonesome. 

Is the place you are possibly moving to further from where you are now? Did you search the areas surrounding it? I'm sure that if you even start hooping out where people can see you that there is bound to be someone coming up to you to ask questions. I also agree with the PP about starting your own. Hand out some flyers if needed. Word of mouth is the BEST way to get something going.

Good luck with the "club" hopefully they will be cool peoples.

It's a good hour and half drive (I speed) from where I live now, so it's not too terribly far but far enough.  There in a city that is neighboring that has classes and jamz but, somehow, it's actually closer to where I am now as opposed to where I'm going.

I agree with Sweet Sisi, this is a great opportunity for you to make one. I live in a town where there is nearly no hoop scene, but I'm in the process of creating one now. I've given a hoop to just about every friend who will take one, and now I'm selling them at local arts and crafts events and wherever else I can. The simple act of putting a hoop in someone's hand is usually enough to get them hooked and it spreads like wildfire from there. I've built/ am building an interest, and now I'm working on getting a class started which will help bring everyone together. Doing so has also brought the lone hoopers out of the woodwork that were in the area all along but weren't to be found online.

Yes, I'm definitely hoping for some lone hoopers to make themselves known.

Please, let me know how your class is doing when you get it going!

Totally make your own hoop community, I moved to the middle of nowhere and there are NO hoopers. But I make hoops and have got lots of people into it in a short period of time. It's more interesting for people because they havnt seen it before. I was even approached by the city to get involved with events...loads more opportunity in places where it isn't popular!
Make friends....turn them into hoopers! Start a hoop jam and advertise it in local places/facebook/kijiji/whereever and I think more people will be interested than you realise. HAVE FUN!

"It's more interesting for people because they havnt seen it before. I was even approached by the city to get involved with events...loads more opportunity in places where it isn't popular!"

^^^^^^^ This exactly what I'm hoping for.

A tip is use this summery season to hoop outside as much as possible in public areas. Don't wear headphones. Smile and be open to children and ladies stoping to stare at you in awe. I find it helpful for when they stop you to tell you how wonderful you are doing, simply state how simple it was to start and how healthy it is for the body. Encourge them to try. Tell them how to make a hoop, or tell them you make them for others.

Really, hooping in public is a great way to meet and spark intrest in people. Hooping durning live shows is all the better. If there is a venue at the town, try to find some hooping space you can claim while others are dancing. I personally show up early to shows so I can have the dance floor to myself. Cool people allow me to keep my space and don't give me prasie until I take a break to order drinks. Younger woman tend to avoid empty spaces around my hoop area and invade my hoop area. I have no tips on that, I just punk them out with regular hoopless dancing, then they leave my hoop area and I bring my hoop back out to dance with. Yes, when hooping in venues, some woman will get enevy that you are rocking out with a hula hoop. Just rock them in the place. And use this summer full of music, full of nice weather, and full of people out and about to create new hoopers for you to play with.


I created a few new hoopers while I was resting in the hospital with my endless strenght I have while recovering a back fusion. It's easy and a joy to create new hoopers. Take your move as a challenge that can thrill you and so many others.


Thank you for all the replies, lovelies. You have all certainly been helpful.

I guess, I should have been a little more clear in my post that my plan definitely is to create my own hoop community. I'm hoping to teach classes and hopefully become established as a performer there, too.

I do think it's a great idea to simply be seen having fun!  Especially, since it's a small place. It will certainly get people talking, the double edged sword of a small town. ;)

Figuring out those firsts steps and where to go from there have been difficult for me.  Hopefully, by the time I move I will have a vague plan.

I went through this last year. I moved from a large city with a huge hooping community and hoop friends to a smaller city and nothing. I didn't hoop much at all my first 6 months here as I was a bit down on myself because I had no one to hoop with, but I kept it strong in my mind that I would be the one to create a hoop community here.

Then I met a woman who owns a dance studio who gave me an opportunity to teach classes -- a few people came and tried it out for the "try it class" but no one signed up for the class....needless to say it discouraged more than just a could people not want to hoop!?

Anyway, the owner continued to pass my name around the community. I even started volunteering in the community to meet people and just to give back, which lead me to be contacted by the City to teach in a Girl Power event. They had been holding it for years and were wanting to add new activities for the teens. This was huge success. This also lead me to be contacted by the largest fitness facility in town (who also have the tools and means to properly advertise) and I now teach there as well. I've been there a couple months and have a core group of students, they are starting to pass hooping around more people are showing up and more opportunities are presenting themselves. What got people coming is that it was advertised as "FITNESS" and a way to burn calories. And my first few classes I taught it like that, but now I am slowing incorporating creativity as well...and depending on the type of people in your town, it might be one way to start.

I have now been here 1 year and it has taken almost that to start a community up but it's happening and growing and it will for you as well. All this was done without facebook as that isn't a key tool for anything in this town.

The best advice I can offer is patience; it may not happen over night, but it will happen. Get yourself out in the community. Volunteer at local events and meet people. Talk about it and even ask if they know facilities who are looking for new and upcoming things to offer.

Anyway, good luck! Don't give up and keep that desire strong because the power of the universe will listen.

Thank you so much for the tips. It's always great hearing from someone who has been there!

I do hoop sessions in my area from time to time when I first started I never even new there was hoopers in my area. I would hoop in public place like on the campus lawn or downtown or at this place called dundee which was a natural waterfall and haven for the more earthy people. I met girls at these place that either hooped or wanted to start hooping and the great thing was I made hoops to so if the girls wanted to start hooping I could get them a hoop. Then I just started putting together visual arts sessions I choose all visual arts because I love it all and it leave the door open for more people to learn and have a great time together sharing a love for something. Sometimes know one would show up some times ten or more people would show but slowly you create a group of friends that share a like mind to you and a passion. I wish you the best of luck mama and I hope some of what I shared has been helpful for you.


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