Hello hoopers!  I am hoping to move West this fall and my boyfriend and I have our hearts fixed on Colorado.  I currently live in Virginia and, while this state has undeniable beauty of its own, I am eager to explore new natural and intellectual landscapes.  I will miss my friends and family so much, but the majority of people where I live are unenlightened and behave in prejudicial, intolerant, and destructive ways.  Furthermore, I am tired of being considered a criminal for the use of a plant that has immeasurable value as a natural medicine.
I want to settle into a loving and accepting community (with hoopers!!) but I don't quite know where to begin.  I was hoping some of you may be able to point me in the right direction.  If you have lived in, or encountered, any particularly special places, please share your experiences. <3 

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Boulder. It's an amazing slightly (ok, really) crunchy, artsy kind of place right beside the mountains just beside Denver. There is a circus school, tons of great restaurants and lots and lots of holistic medicine. Lots of hoopers and other kinds of jugglers and spinners, lots of great all season outdoor activities. I would love to live there!

I just moved to Denver from Arkansas back in August and I LOVE IT HERE!! It depends on what you are looking for....Denver has a great music scene and community, lots of opportunities but it's a big city...if you're looking to live in the foothills right outside of Denver but still close enough to the city you should check out Golden and Morrison (where Red Rocks is). If you want to live in the mountains far away from any cities...check out Conifer, I've heard it's beautiful. Boulder of course is awesome but is totally different from Denver..more expensive and more rich people.There's the Boulder Circus Jam every Wednesday night @ the Boulder Circus Center.  Lots of cool people in all of those places..every time I go to the park I see someone with a hula hoop. Makes me smile. there's also many different places to learn Circus Arts like aerial silks and aerial hoop.


Denver is one of the top places I was considering!  I would love to live in the mountains but finding work is probably going to be easier in a city, but I will definitely look into Golden and Morrison.  
A music scene is very important to me too.  It seems we have a great one for jam bands out here on the easy coast and was wondering how Colorado would compare.  

I'm so excited!!!  I will definitely let ya know once I'm out there!
Thanks <3

Denver is still pretty close to the mountains ;)

Also the music scene here is ridiculous and the reason I have been here for almost 5 years now!!!  I've had many people comment on what a great music scene Denver has... we have line ups for weekend shows that are festival worthy... Denver is the hub between the west and east coasts on most bands tour schedule and while Boulder is pretty awesome they don't have nearly the options that Denver has when it comes to shows.  There is music 7 days a week in Denver... let me know if you want someone to show you around and hoop it up with!!!

I visited Fort Collins a couple of years ago, and it was really beautiful with lots of friendly people. I'm not sure about the hoop scene there though

I lived in Fort Collins (ie. FoCo) for a year and I really loved it.  It's a college town, about an hour north of Denver, so it's convenient enough for the airport, etc., but it's super easy to get outside from there.  Lots of breweries if you're into that (actually I'm not but I still enjoy touring New Belgium, etc.)  Multiple amazing areas to go hiking a short distance away, lots of indoor and outdoor climbing options, and really awesome super bike town and bike community (though way more low-key than Boulder's bike community, which has a lot of elite level cyclists).  It's close to the mountains as well; at the base of the foothills and just an hour from Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park.  

I wasn't hooping yet when I lived there but I am connected on FB to a hooping group there (I go back to work in Estes Park in the summers) and they seem to be pretty active.  Boulder is awesome but an entirely different scene, key word being "scene."  ...This can be good or bad, depending on your viewpoint and what kind of social life you enjoy.  I love both Boulder and FC, but enjoyed the slower pace and small town feel (if you stay around Old Town, especially) of Fort Collins.  As others have said there are lots of amazing places in CO... Depends on what you're looking for.  If you move or come out to visit this summer, let me know!  I rent a summer cabin in the mountains and have a sweet community of friends who live next to us.  We always love to have visitors!  

Glenwood Springs! Its about an hour west of Vail and an hour north of Aspen. It is absolutely gorgeous out here, and its rated americas most fun town! There is every outdoor activity you could ever want to do (hiking biking skiing rafting climbing etc...) an adventure park and there's natural hot springs (which i just got back from -AMAZING). Carbondale is another cool little town just south of Glenwood. Its got a great downtown with bars, restaurants, art galleries, yoga, and music venues. I moved here a litttle less than a year ago from the east coast with my fiance and we absolutely love it and have met some amazing people out here. There are a lot of great places in CO, Telluride, Boulder, Colorado Springs....and all of them have dispensaries : )

BTW the dispensaries in Denver will have the best prices simply because there are so many in such a small area and there is always a price war going on... I should know I've worked at one for 2 yrs now... If you need any help getting your red card or learning the co mmj ropes then I can also be of service there :) or you can call my shop too! 

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I'm practically sold on Denver, I will definitely be talking to you ladies once I'm out there!  So excited!!!

I don't think you will regret it!!! ;) Can't wait to hoop with you mama!!!

I was born in colorado and my sister lives in wheat ridge now (suburb of denver) every time I visit her I NEVER want to leave because its sooo pretty and my allergies go away there. The people are wonderful, they like hoopers, they love dogs, and well of course our favorite plant ;)  Its honestly a different world there. When You're at shows and venues its really awesome, but off-putting to see everyone puffin'--- certainly threw me for a loop for sure thought I was going to get in trouble! The boulder area has a decent hooper following and I know my sister used to spin with a fire tribe... not sure where exactly but I think it would be harder for you to find a group of non-hoopers especially when it's nice out!

My sister lives in Conifer, which is southwest of Denver.  They got almost a foot of snow yesterday.  (May 6th.)  If you live in the mountains, you can expect snow on the ground for up to eight months out of the year. 

I would move to Colorado in a heartbeat, but the cost of living is quite a bit higher than were we live now (DFW), at least in most places.  I haven't given up hope, though. Most of the smaller towns around the Denver area are progressive, organic, artsy, and community oriented.  Good luck! :-) 


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