I know there are tons of threads on here regarding music and what to hoop to. But I really can't standddd dub step, it gives me a headache. I'm not hating on those of you who do, of course, it's just not my thing. So if anyone can help me find some electronica that's not super super dubby it would be greatly appreciated. Even some artists I have listened to in the past have just converted to dub step and it makes me sad. 

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Heres a few artists I'm really enjoying hooping to right now!

 Spry Bry ( http://soundcloud.com/spry-bry  if you havn't heard electro swing it's pretty fun!)

Organic Mechanic  http://soundcloud.com/organic-mechanic

Sphongle, phutureprimitive, gaudi,  beats antique, oka, delhi to dublin

i like beats a lot but they just released some new stuff thats heading down the dubby side. but electro swing sounds SWEET, thanks!

Just listened to spry bry.  Love how they sampled Manu Chou.  Thanks for the intro!

I'm not big on dubstep either. I love hooping to Tobacco.. I only have the album Fucked Up Friends but I like it a lot.. here's a song from it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h2Hny69o-wk&feature=relmfu

and another one I like: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-b1cALCnUs&feature=relmfu

The album "Soulful Filling" by General Fuzz is also some cool not-dubby electronica.. kinda more laid back but I like it for practicing flow. here's a song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgsXxf9_LBI&feature=related

I find that I hope well to any music that I really love and can just really get into.. hope that helps some :)

I love hooping to stuff like Pendulum (check the song "Under the Waves") and less 'hoopy' stuff like Dragonette. My favorite by them right now is "My Things".

I tend to skip dubstep too. Too much noise, not enough music for me. I also sometimes hoop to hip-hop just to mix things up. I've found I can pretty much hoop to anything with a steady beat. 

I feel ya on this!

Recently I made a Pandora station with the following artists (Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Shpongle, Consider the Source, Gorgol Bodello, Toubab Krewe) - it's really fun! Check it out if you like worldly sounding dance music.

Funk is a lot of fun to hoop to, as well - The New Mastersounds / Lettuce are two fun examples.

Improv music always keeps me moving, Lucky Costello never gives me a second to think - I just react.

Give the String Cheese Incident a listen! 


Electronic music covers a lot of ground. speaking for the geezers, i recommend Daft Punk, Orbital, Art of Noise, Kraftwerk, you could go back to 80s New Wave, unless you're trying to avoid lyrics, of course.

I'm not a big fan of dubstep either, unless it's chillstep *_* i suggest: Gladkill, an-ten-nae (more glitch-hop-ish), aquadrop, pretty lights, emancipator, flying lotus, glitch mob. Not really electronica but some of my favorites :)

One of my personal favorites would have to be Aphex Twin. He's been around for quite a while so you'll find a lot of material. This is one of my favorite albums to hoop to Selected Ambient Works 85-92

Track N Field - Something in the Air

Tycho - Dictaphone's Lament

After being all about dubstep for about a year I've pretty much completely gotten over it and can't stand it anymore much either. Here's some of who I jam to:

Buckethead; Animals as Leaders (instrumental)

Rebelution; Aaron Kamm and the One Drops; The Expendables (reggae)

DubFX (loop artist)

Kuba; Lotus

omg animals as leaders! my husband just discovered them not too long ago, soooo much talent!


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