Last night I managed to get some video footage of my fire hoop practice. This is my 3rd time fire hooping and only my 4th time ever hooping in front of a camera, so there was a distinct lack of my usual flow, and a rather lot of clumsiness, but I'm still pretty pleased with what we got. I need to get more practice in front of the camera! I've been hooping for about two months. Anyway, I hope you folks enjoy! I do these flow practices every Thursday and Sunday, so I'm going to make an attempt to get some time in front of a camera at every one so I can get more comfortable :)

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Two months! damn girl good spinnin!

Thanks! :)

Looking great! I did my 1st ever burn recently as well. Absolutely loved it.

For sure you're a little limited on some moves, but i think with a bit of practice and just getting a feel for the hoop you could probably do more moves,


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