So I made minis yesterday and I LOVE them :D So amazing!! I've never mini hooped before. I can do a chase weave, windmill, 3 beat weave, archer weave etc (simply because I have a poi background and its all pretty much the same) but my hands are getting bruised, I'm using super thin super light tubing so I didnt think this would be a problem. Anyone else run into this? I hand hoop often with my body hoop and have never had this problem.

Hoop love to all!

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grippy fingerless gloves!

it pads your hands and they help with grip.

they are pretty cheap too, look for biker or weight lifting gloves
O good idea! :D
Fingerless gloves are not only very protective but they will also prevent blisters aside from looking kickass if you get some cool looking ones ;)
When I first started with minis, my hands quickly turned into one big bruise. Don't worry, it's a common thing and after a week or so everything will be back to normal. Use arnica, if you want your bruises to heal faster. Meanwhile, as Sunshine Designs said, fingerless gloves are a really good idea.
Is there a certain spot on your hands that you should hoop so as not to bruise as easily? Is that what causes the bruising to begin with- improper positioning of the hoop? For me when I first started doing hand stuff with a regular hoop, I was really bruised, and then had no problems for a while and figured I must have gotten the hang of it the same way I no longer get knee bruises... now I'm getting bruises again on my hands, and I dunno why. I don't think I'm doing anything differently.
I have no idea if I do it right, but my hoop almost always hits the soft spot between the thumb and forefinger (just checked it). I don't like hooping on my fingers. I have no problem with bruises on my hands anymore and I'm very bruise-prone.

Maybe your hoop is too heavy? Or maybe you just got a new hoop and your hands need time to get used to it? Just guessing.
When I started with mini hoops I could not spin them for more than 30 seconds without feeling pain. I used cream to heal the bruises and took it slow. You wiil build a tolerance for them. The cut off gloves sound like a great idea.
Its starting to get better. My thumbs were mainly bruised from the 3 beat weave. But i've changed so I use the surface switch method when I do it. Much easier on my hands lol
the gloves and surface switch method is a great idea:) that should help ya, huh? i love how helpful this community is:)
i also made minis a few days ago they are heaven ! but mine are also beating me up, they gave me a black eye and a cut near my nose :p i havent experienced the bruises on my hands yet :)
EGADS! I smacked myself in the face real bad with mine about a week ago, thank goodness for no shiner though.


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