I have been hooping about two years now on and off and am planning on buying some tubing to make mini hoops and multi-hoops though im a newb with mini hoops and am unsure of what OD i should order and what size to make them into any one have any advice?

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(I plan on ordering poly)

For minis (poi style hooping) it's good to start in a 20-24" range. 20" is kind of standard but it's definitely easier to go a bit larger for your first set. For multiples (which usually involve lots of core hooping), just go with a diameter that you're comfortable hooping on your body with.

for minis definately go with 5/8"OD tubing, its so light and thin you can't go wrong! Since you're buying all the tubing I'd say you should make a couple of different sizes to experiment with. maybe make a pair of 28" and another pair of 24" and another pair of 20". that gives you a lot of options. I have 28 and 24" pairs and i love them! i can do some tricks with some that i cant do with others, etc. and i have a friend who has a pair of 20" polypros and they are awesome! but really hard to adjust to so i'd recommend starting with a slightly larger pair first.

minis are best in 3/4" and 1/2", the thinner the easier it is to control them because they are so small

Measure from your arm pit to the center of your palm. Thats how big your minis should be it should be.


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