need more help on protecting hoops from heat/theft at wakarusa!

ok so i leave for wakarusa on tuesday the 29th, but i'm hesitant to bring any of my hoops. i really want to bring one or two with me, especially my LED for nighttime play, but its soooooooooooo hot at wakarusa and i'm scared of them warping/breaking, or getting stolen. i've never brought hoops to a festival before, and this will be my first time at wakarusa. what do you guys recommend? my daytime hoop of choice is my polypro, and then i have a LED from moodhoops.

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Hey what you should do is you can bring your LED hoop but store it in your car, with lots of blankets on it to keep it out of direct sunlight and heat. And never let go of it until it is locked back into your car. 

For your polypro just have it on you at all times. Coil it down or bike lock it to a tree or keep in your car when not in use.

Last option if someone is totally in love with your hoops offer to sell them. Then you make $$$!

Hey! A friend of mine puts a Lock on her tent, I've never tried this.. But I'm leaving Friday for a small 2day festival and I'm ganna try it! 

I would not suggest you leave it in your car and put blankets on it. It will warp like no other... Even an hdpe hoop would, it will get over 105 at waka. And inside of a car it's brutal on hoops.

Don't leave your LED in your car.  The battery in LED hoops, Cell-phones, and laptops shouldn't be left in the heat.  It causes the charge time to diminish.  Leaving your Iphone in the heat a lot is the reason your 2 year old Iphone has such terrible battery life compared to when it was new! :D  Keep your batteries cool!

I'm going to bring so many hoops it's not funny :D. I wouldn't worry too much. Just don't leave them in your car. I leave my hoops in my tent with no problem with warping etc. The LED hoop will be able to withstand the heat in the tent. I have not had a problem with someone going through my campsite but I do have a lot of campmates that keep watch of our site. I would not leave my hoops in direct sunlight for a long period of time as well. And even at your campsite make sure you put them away before leaving. I've been going to waka since 2009, I have never had a hoop stolen from my campsite but I have had my cooler taken before. I don't know why people do this, too lazy or poor to bring their own food or just out of it on drugs. If you have a table I'd hide coolers under there and put a sheet or something over the table to hide it.

I'm bringing 2-30'' and 1-31'' polypro hoops that are taking up space in my shop. I plan to give them away to whoever finds me first. I will be at the geodesic dome, that my troupe is bringing, in the middle of main stage most of the time, I will also be wearing an white/cream antlered headdress Friday. I'm so excited, waka is next week! I'm leaving Wednesday morning hoping it wont be a mad house by then but many people try to get in early.

I know this is an old post but I went to waka 2012 and already have my 2013 tix but I sent you a friend request on here can you message me when you get a chance. :)

 If you can keep it flat and out of direct sun it should not warp. At festivals that are dry i usually slide my hoops completely under the base of my tent that way know body even knows that they are there and they are flat so if they do get a bit warm they won't warp. You also get a bit of extra insulation from the heat if you lay some blankets in the bottom of your tent.


As far as locks on tents go i don't think it is really worth it, if somebody is game enough to want to steal something it would be very easy for them to just break the zip or fabric of the tent. 


That's a neat idea putting them under the tent!  Never thought of that ;)

 You could always coil down your LED and wear it when you don't want to hoop.  That's what I do and it's cool because you're all lit up :)

We've found that a loop of rope tying them to your tent is usually enough to keep them from "walking away".  Anyone willing to untie or cut a rope is willing to break into your car.  You're just keeping stoners from grabbing them 'cus ther there'.

Or bring your oldest hoops so you don't get stressed out about them. Let others play with them and if they disappear, know that they are having an adventure with someone else.

If you're feeling anxious about your hoops, will you still enjoy the rest of the event?


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