I'm writing an article about hooping that I intend to submit to a site that markets articles for websites, magazines, newsletters, etc. I have most of the article completed, but I'm really hitting a brick wall trying to find actual data about the health benefits of hoop dance. 

I've written, and I know, that it is good for cardiovascular health, burning calories, strengthening muscles, improving balance.. But I'd like some actual data about calories burned (though I understand that this varies from person to person) , and muscles utilized. I found an article that says that hooping utilizes every major muscle group in the body, but it doesn't provide any evidence to back up that statement. 

Do any of you know of such data, and if so, could you be so kind as to point me in the right direction?

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Maybe this will help?


This was cited in the wikipedia article for hooping under the fitness section. There were a few other citations but this one seems the most legit!

I believe that ACE did research on calories burned during hooping. The research is out there im sure. Ive always heard u can burn up to 600 calories an hour. I believe that ACE found y burn about 400 an hour. Hope this helps.

Thanks, guys! I edited my article to cite the ACE study. So nervous about submitting to the editors! It has been years since I have written anything to be evaluated by someone! *fingers crossed*

well then you should probably work out and then come to your own conclusion =)

*grin* I hooped for half an hour yesterday, but I have no idea how many calories I burned, no idea what how much my heartrate increased, and not the first clue if my results would be average even if I did know these things. Though it could totally make writing the article much easier... "Hooping burns lots of calories and works lots of muscles because I just hooped and I can feel it in my calf muscles!"

Muscle groups I've noticed major changes in (AKA: Hooping formed muscle that I didn't know existed) the following muscle groups (if you want to do research for how to tie it in to your article:




Thigh muscles  (minor changes.. this is where my family stores our fat lol)

Shoulders - especially on my back region, loads of definition that I didn't know existed   =P

Those are the muscles that I saw changes in,not muscle growth so much, but really nice definition.

I think it falls under anaerobic exercise as it really hits your whole body.

In Human Movement Science 27 (2008) 622-635, Cluff, Robertson and Balasubramaniam studied muscles utilized when hooping. they studied which muscles were active in the lower limb.
good luck with your article!


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