I am going to make a couple hoops for myself, have never made hoops before. My ideal weight is around what my collapsible TrooHoop dance weight feels like, which is noticeably lighter than the 100psi that was my starter hoop, but not nearly as light as a polypro. Does anyone have any suggestions for me about tubing? I have googled it and it seems that HDPE might be what I'm looking for, but I am overwhelmed with figuring out which is the right kind to purchase. Any advice appreciated. Thanks!

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Hmmm....interesting. I think my starter hoop was 3/4 inch, or maybe even 1 inch, and it is pretty heavy. I have had limited opportunity to use hoops other than my own so am not sure what 1/2 inch black tubing feels like, but maybe I will give it a try. Thanks for the input!


Here's one option that is not as light as polypro, but still easy to use.

Cool, thanks for the link. Helpful to see your pics of the hoop-making process, too!


they have pretty cheap HDPE, check rich porter's polypro tutorial for serial numbers and some tips to make em!

Thanks, I will probably end up ordering my HDPE from there. :-)

Check out etsy.com there are many sellers to choose from if you want a premade hoop. You can even find colored or UV reactive hdpe tubing for a good price. Also one thing to keep in mind hdpe and polypro tubing size is normally about an 1/2in. smaller than pvc or pex tubing, i'm going to guess your hoop is made of pvc tubing (the black tubing). So a 3/4OD pvc is 1/2in. larger than 3/4OD hdpe or polypro tubing and 1/2in. pvc tubing is the same as 3/4OD hdpe or polypro tubing. So 1/2 OD is super tiny. Hdpe would indeed be your next step, I personally used hdpe for 3-6 months before getting a polypro hoop.


I am more in a "do it myself" mode right now. :-) I think I'm going to try my hand at both hdpe and also 1/2 inch black tubing, as I've had a couple people recommend that as well. Thanks for the insight about sizing. That stuff confuses the heck out of me!


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