Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to hooping - about two weeks now - and am now the owner of a lovely new beginner hoop (which was made just a little bit bigger because I'm a plus size hooper). I've joined the Curvy Hoopers group, am about to start a hooping class, and have watched countless beginner tutorials. I've tried to stay relaxed, positive, upbeat about the whole thing. I love the idea of hooping, love the feel of it, and love to dance.

The problem? I can't get the darn thing to stay on my hips for more than 4 or 5 seconds. I've tried hundreds of times with fun music in the background, eyes open, eyes closed, back and forth motions, side to side motions... Nothing is making that hoop stay up!

Is it my waist size? Is it a serious lack of talent? Most of my friends who started hooping at the same time are doing very well, and seem to have a natural knack for it. Meanwhile, I'm struggling and wondering if I'm ever going to get this. I'm not looking for perfection, but being able to keep the hoop up SOMETIMES would be a basic necessity, right?

Anyway, I guess I'm looking for some encouragement/advice. Does everyone get it right away but me? Are there people here who took awhile to get their groove? Want to make me feel better? haha :P


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I dunno! I don't even hoop around my waist..hehehe.. It's not my style. Maybe it's a calling to start with other tricks like hand manipulations! Maybe you should try poi hoops! You could try around the waist of course too..just sayin. Maybe your strength is in something undiscovered, and from there work it into a full blown routine that will eventually lead to everything else... maybe!
I also just started hooping. I cannot get it to stay up on my waist either. lol I've asked for imput and have gotten many responses from great people on here....They all say the size of the hoop makes all the difference in the world. My hoop is 43inches 160psi 1 inch.....And its still apparently not big enough. I am 5'9 or 5'10 and am over 200 lbs. So, my daughter and I are going to a hoop making class on Dec. 4th and I will be making a bigger hoop. I'm going to go like 48 inches or so....I'll let you know if that helps!!
Good luck, and KEEP TRYING!! I get frustrated ALOT while trying to waist hoop. So, I have just been switching to some other part of my body. Eventually I will nail waist hooping, until then I am becoming a "pro" at hooping on other body parts. :)
Yeah try a bigger hoop and see if that helps

I keep 46-52" diameter hoops for people who need a little extra help.

I am just a wee little thing of child size and my beginner hoop was 40" in diameter which isn't that much smaller than 43", so if you are a bit bigger it would make sense to push that diameter bigger!
My waist is on the larger size and I did not get it at first either. I do not think having a larger waist has anything to do with it. I still have difficulties doing the back and forth motion so I usually stick to the side to side motion.

For me I think I was very self conscious. I have wide hips and was always trying to hide them. Hooping is drawing attention to all of my embarrassing areas.

Why don't you try focusing on the tricks you can do and come back to waist hooping in a few days. When I am frustrated and I keep trying the more discouraged I get.

Trying different speeds might help as well. Stop trying to compare yourself with others. I do that and I know it is not healthy or beneficial. Just do what you feel comfortable doing and keep at it. I am sure you will get it once you stop thinking about it.

Good luck.
I agree with Cerceau Amour. My first hoop was too small. I got a new one that was close to 2 pounds and was much bigger. If the bottom is touching the ground it actually goes up to the middle of my breasts. So the heavier and larger it is the easier it was for me.

I started making my own hoops because some tricks just need different sizes while your learning. Some people make their hoops beautiful but mine are cheap and I use duct tape. That way when I back the crap out of them (I always do) I don't get upset for ruining such beautiful tape.

If you want to and can afford it you can go to lowes and pick up tubing. Or order online. Then head to walmart to pick up some duct tape. That was how I did it. I love having extra hoops because when family/friends come over they all grab a hoop and nobody is left out.

Just relax because you CAN and WILL do it in no time. :)
spin! haha that made my life so much easier spin in the direction your hooping if you hoop to the right spin to the right and vice versa that really helped me good luck
That's my advice as well! Try taking a few steps in a circle with the flow of the hoop-- it sounds like it would be more difficult, but it actually slows the hoop down and you have much more control! Good luck!
I am new to hooping as well. I can do waist hooping but not so great yet on the hip hooping. Posture is a huge part of it. When the hoop goes down to your hips make sure bum is tucked under and stomach in. Think side to side. As soon as you pop your butt out the hoop will go back to your waist. Also turning in the direction of your hoop helps. Still takes a lot of practice but don't give up you will get it. You can do it!
It's all about the feel. Spend some time simply just feeling where the hoop is moving on your body. You have to really connect with it. I had trouble keeping the hoop up for long periods of time when I first started as well. Does your hoop have water in it? Or any weight at all? My first hoop was large and waterless and I even gave up for a few months because I felt like I would never catch on. I found that water really helps teach the flow of the hoop quite well. Once you get comfortable with it you can start using lighter hoops with less water and eventually ditch the water all together. This is how I learned anyways, and its different for everyone. Just a helpful suggestion! Good luck!
All of this is great advice, don't be afraid to go bigger with your hoop! also, try doing some off-body stuff while you work on waist hooping so you can still get a sense of accomplishment with it. I mean, you don't have to know how to waist hoop to do across-the-back rolls, isolations and a lot of others. The thing I love most about hoopdance is how much variety there is! You could even start doing sustained spinning, where you hold the hoop stationary and spin your entire body. Best of luck, you can do it!
Thank you SO much everyone! I'm loving all the suggestions and encouragement. It's good to know I'm not the only one who has or is struggling with what I thought would be such a simple thing! I'm going to go through all of these suggestions and see what helps. Most importantly, I'm going to give it more time and patience.

On the plus side, I really am getting the hang of a lot of the hand/off-the-body tricks. That's encouraging for sure!

Thank you for all your help! :)
I've taught a few friends to hoop, and for two of them who are larger around the waist, I made 45" hoops, and that made a great difference for them in being able to keep up the hoop, so I would agree, larger and heavier at first is better. One thing I did notice with both of them, is that although they felt they were moving back and forth, one foot out in front, I could see clearly that they were also moving their belly in a semi-circular way (hard to describe at the moment) that was actually speeding the hoop to the ground. I demonstrated for them what they were doing, and helped them to move forward and backward and they both were able to keep up the hoop. Not for long, but it's a process. It's great you're taking a class; I find it helps to have someone with a lot of experience to give you a hand starting out if you're struggling. It will come, and as others have said, there is always off body hooping, which is so much fun. Learn to love the sound of a dropping hoop. It embarrassed me at first in class that I kept dropping it, but now my hoop goes sailing across the room (partly because I can't resist tossing it and catching it!) and I just laugh, and possibly apologize to the person I hit with it, who most likely hit me with one earlier in the class. :) Hooping is a great opportunity for giggling.


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