NEW HOOPA!! Just 3 basic questions!! Please Help!!

Hi everyone!!

So I took up hooping about a month ago and I fell hard for it. I'm picking it up pretty fast too, I'm almost surprised with myself. I've also been spinning fire for a few months now, so I'm wondering if it helps.

I started out with a 38" 100 psi from hoopmamas, a naked one just in case I was completely terrible at it.

I recently made a 100 psi hoop from 42" to 36" and I am in love with this size.

Everything is faster and my flow is better.

Now I really want to go down to the 1/2" 125 psi hoop. My current hoop feels clunky and slow.

Here are the questions:

Should I stick with 36 inches or go down to 34/33 inches for the 1/2" 125 psi hoop?

When did you guys switch to poly pro?

Where's a great place to order grip tape? That is cheap!!!

I would appreciate it if someone could help me out!!

Much love!!


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i think that by what you've said here that 1/2" tubing is going to be a new favorite for you.. as for the diameter of the hoop, try a few different sizes! i loved a 38" 1/2" tubing hoop that my friend made for me for a couple months, learned a LOT from it and then moved down to 36".. I then really quickly jumped down to a 33" and then to a 30"...

I got a polypro hoop probably after 2 years of hooping, when i first started hooping ppe wasn't really a big deal, I do like it but in SERIOUSLY small sizes. i think its 5/8" tubing (not good with remembering fractions haha) - its itty bitty, like the size of a pencil. i do a lot of off body, speedy little moves - that's why i dig it. my led hoop is tiny polypro & i love it for the clearness of it

>.< & as for grip tape, whenever you find a cheap site, let me know ha! i found a cheap site, but they wanted an OUTRAGEOUS amount for shipping, almost the same cost of the roll of tape. grrrr.


You might want to skip the 1/2" tubing and try polypro or hdpe. 1/2 pe won't nescessarily set you up for polypro or hdpe. In all honesty, you have to take the plunge and see what you think.

I would just get a polypro, especially if you find you're picking it up fast. I got mine maybe 4 months after I started hooping, I needed a lighter hoop because I have messed up wrists, so I figured I may as well get the lightest there is. It only took me a little bit to get used to how light and bouncy it is, and I am a really slow learner in the realm of physical things. I've only been hooping around 7 months, and most people at around the same mark or earlier than that are soo much better than I am. But I hoop with it just fine, and I transitioned from a this clunky 38" 160"psi pex hoop. So it is something you could plunge into and get used to quickly. Just cuz it has "pro" in it, doesn't mean it's for pros! If I can do it, anyone can. hahaha

If you like the thinner tubing you should go polypro. they're light and I prefer them because I'm teeny and my giagantor gifted hoop left bruises. I hooped for 4 months before I was gifted a polypro, and I haven't put it down since. I had a 38in polypro...which sadly got annihilated by a beer bottle, and I now have a 36in and twin 33inch polypros. Love em all, much easier to learn tricks, especially elbow passes and tosses. Hope this helped!

thank you everyone!!! I think I'll dive into the polypro. I'm just concerned that im going to be terrible with it.

Should I get a 36" or a 34" ??? 

I would say 36".  It is smaller, but still versatile.  Especially if the hoop is polypro and light.  Because there are some moves where too small a hoop is not so condusive. 

I agree. Get a 36" to start. You can always cut it down and reconnect it. If it's collapsible all you need to do is cut a few inches off the end that's not riveted, drill a new hole for the push button to go in and voila. Smalla hoop! 

And I love my polypro hoops, but I also love my 1/2" PE hoops. I tend to use those a bit larger (36-38") and my PPE hoops a bit smaller (34-36"). I wouldn't want a PPE bigger than 36" because it would make it hard to do clean, fast breaks and reversals with.  

Go read this thread before you decide you want to get polypro. It is very informative

Thank you courtney, now I'm reconsidering my options :)

Had I known, I wouldn't have purchased 200 feet of polypro this last year. 


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