Hi everyone,

I just joined this site today! I am a brand spanking new hooper. A friend of mine in college did a speech all about hula hooping. I fell in love with it that day. I got one of those naked hoops that pull apart, I don't know what it's called. It comes a little above my belly button and I am 5'4. I am an art major studying in upstate NY. I am 22 yrs old. and my dream is to be as good as all of you on this site. I am just starting so if anyone has tips for me I would appreciate it.

Thank you and keep hooping!


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Is your naked hoop clear by any chance?

Its a lime green hoop actually. It comes apart.

make sure its grippy enough! look up tutorials online and don't be afraid to experiment! :)

I was told to use duct tape to make it grip. so I put some like every 6 inches. is that ok?

It is probably polypro. Use gaffers tape for grip, duct tape will not help. You can find gaffers tape at any theater supply shop or at hoopsupplies.com. If you don't want to shell out money for gaffers a cheaper (lower quality) alternative is to use hockey tape, which can be found at almost any sporting goods store. 


Are you doing ok using that hoop? Most people view polypro as an advanced material because it is more difficult to keep in motion. 

I'm having no problem at all keeping it in motion, it can get very fast actually. The tricks I can do so far are the lasso, the one where you have the hoop at your waist and then use your hand to bring it up to lasso. I cannot hoop around my chest or neck tho. I can hoop on my thighs but I cannot bring it up or down. Sorry I don't know all of the terms, lol I'm trying to learn them because I'm really enjoying hooping, it makes me happy!

It's ok. It takes a while to learn all the terminology. You might want to look at getting or making a polyethylene hoop. They are easier to keep up in motion because the tubing is heavier. The heavier the hoop and the larger the diameter of the hoop, the easier it will be for you to learn. You don't have to get another hoop, but it might help speed up the learning process.

Are the polyethylene hoops expensive? I wish I joined this site before I bought mine.

they usually range from 20-35 dollars depends how fancy you want them buuuut you can make them yourself too! they sell the tubing at home depot (well at least here they do) for about 18 bucks and the connector is no more than 50 cents and bam! of course, you need tape and whatnot but you have some leftover to make for family or something if you want to take that route?

thank you!!

no problem :)

http://www.jasonunbound.com/hoops.html  instructions to make a hula hoop and it has a picture of the polyethylene


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