I came across hooping through my cousin who discovered it online and showed it to me. Fell in love with it and decided to take it up and make it a goal to become a great beginner at the end of this year. I haven't actually started the hooping yet. I ordered my instructional DVD's last week and just waiting for them to arrive. So while I wait for them to arrive I want to either purchase or create my own hoop. So my question is... does anyone share the same body type as me? So I could pick out a hoop that will work best for me with my body type and being a beginner and all. I'm 4'9 & about 115 lbs. I'm a little one haha. 

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We're around the same size. Maybe try a 39-38" beginners hoop. You can always cut it & downsize later. Lots of luck on your hooping journey!

Im sort of a beginner as well and i found it easier to use the heavier bigger ones to learn. Then I would suggest measuring from the ground to your belly button and that should be your standard hoop size.

good luck and happy hooping

Yea, thats what I was reading that the bigger the hoop (not too big of course) will make it easier to learn since its slower. Instead of making a 38-39" I measured to my belly button. The hoop feels great :) Thank you!

Welcome Christine!

I'm 4'11 and when I started I had a 40" hoop. It was good to learn on and get the basics. It does feel a bit in the large size for me. I'm moving to a 38" hoop. But I think maybe a 39" would be a good started for you. Have fun and I'm sure you'll enjoy your hooping experience. It's great!

Thank you! Im super excited to start learning and practicing :)

I'm 4'9 about 95 lbs and I started off with a 38" 160psi and it was too big, less than a week later I ordered a 36" 100psi. I would still consider myself to be a beginner but its a good size for me personally.

I am 5'3 and 114 lbs...i started hooping with a 37...and a week later my hoopnotica hoop arrived which was a 40 or 42..it was sooo large i couldnt believe it..but starting out with a large hoop makes learning tricks easier. the hoop being large makes revolutions slower...though i must admit, i rarely used my hoop from hoopnotica because it was sooo large...

u should go with 38 maybe..and start learning before ur dvds arrive, there are so many youtube tutorials out there to keep you busy till you get ur dvds...

My hoop that I made the day I posted this felt big but as soon as I started playing around with it, it felt right. I measured to my belly button rather then measuring it as a 38-39" and feels fine to me. Surprisingly my DVD came in the day I posted this so we went to the store and made my hoop :) 

nice..well glad you found everything to work out well...let the fun begin


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