So I got my very first hoop yesterday and I've been hooping nonstop since I got it! :) Although, I managed to shatter a flourecent tube light while practicing no more lasso practice in the house, haha. But anyway, I was hooping earlier today and I realized my sides are pretty sore from hooping so long yesterday. Any idea how long this soreness will last?

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I was so sore after my first time hooping.. i was so hooked, but could barely do it the 2nd day because i was so sore and had bruises on my hips. the soreness only lasts a day and the bruises fade fast. i still get bruised and sore when practicing new stuff on different parts of the body. you start to love it, a kinda no pain no gain thing. welcome to hooping! have so much fun, watch it enrich your life and help you find yourself in the center <3
Oh I bruised like nothing else back when I first started. After lots of practice and getting accustomed to the hoop the bruises eventually went away. It all depends on your body and how it heals. Don't push yourself if you're super uncomfortable, give yourself time to heal if you're really sore and you'll be up and hooping again in no time. :)
As everybody says, the soreness does pass. For the bruises, a lot of folks find Arnica helpful. Contrary to most people's impressions, hooping is not for sissies, but it's definitely worth the pain! (And the broken light bulbs... I had to switch back to incandescent for a while there for fear of those fluorescent fumes!)
It seems like only yesterday I was showing off crazy bruises to all my friends. :)

It passes really quickly. I remember in the beginning when I was learning lassos and stuff and my arms would get SO tired... now I can do them all day! It's a great feeling when the soreness goes away. Congratulations on your first hoop!
Hi, Allison! Welcome to the addiction that is hoopdance and the asylum that is Hoop City. ;-)

How long the soreness lasts depends on your fitness level going in, as well as how long you hooped. If you're fairly fit and didn't overdo too much, you may be fine by the time you read this reply. If you're less fit, hooped a long time or both, it may take a couple of days.

Pacing yourself, using arnica gel or cream on the bruises, and staying hydrated to avoid muscle cramps will all help.

Happy hoopdancing!


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