Hello, I have just started hooping.  I am struggling a lot with doing anything but knee hooping and keeping it around my waist, but I won't give up!

How did everyone get into hooping?

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hello Gabrielle!

I'm new to hooping too, I've been at it for a few weeks now! I'm still struggling as well, there is so much to learn and every time I watch other people's videos I'm amazed (and envious) at how good they are and how much they can do! But then I remind myself that they too had to start from square 1. I'm learning bit by bit and practicing everyday - if you can already maintain it around your waist, try some tricks from there, like bringing it from your waist into lasso and back down again (one of the first tricks I learned...it took me 2 weeks to nail it!) If you can knee hoop fine then you can try taking one leg out and putting it back in again. Then you can work on things like hooping around your hips, neck, chest, etc. Don't give up, you'll be mastering that hoop in no time!

I got in to hooping really randomly - I'm into aerial circus arts and I met a girl at a silks session in the park. She had brought her hoops with her for the fun of it and I was immediately interested. She showed me a few moves to try and then even gave me one of her hoops to keep! I haven't put it down since...

If you can knee hoop already, that's pretty good!  It took me a month to be able to waist hoop at all. So good for you!  I got into hooping to lose weight/to prove to myself I could do it.  Unfortunately, I never knew it was an addiction waiting to happen.  When I'm struggling with moves, I love to read some hooping blogs or just move with the hoop, even if it's crazy things.  I did a lot of interpretive dancing with my hoop the first few months. lol 


You can do it!  Don't give up!

Hi Gabrielle!  I've been hooping for just over 2 weeks and I love it.  I was at my in-laws and a friend had left a fitness hoop there and we were playing around with it.  I fell in love with the way it broke through everyone's guard and got everyone moving.  I have just been watching as many videos as I can (super frustrating with my internet but I keep at it!) and getting together with other hoopers whenever possible.  I've been surprised at how many others there are once you start looking.  I'm in a remote area but there are two hooping centers, so to speak, within an hours drive of me.  I find the more I practice and watch others, the better I get.  Happy hooping! :)
Hi Gabrielle!  I'm also a new hooper- I've been hooping for 10 days now.  I've found many of the movements to come naturally as I have a back ground in pole dancing for 3 years and teach advanced level pole classes and a flexibility class.  I was first introduced to hooping about 2 years ago and I had bought a hoop from a toy store at that time.  I was basically waist hooping to warm up my muscles pre-pole workouts.  I never progressed and then about 2 weeks ago one of my pole students invited me to a hoop jam/fundraiser.  I decided it was time to invest in a larger hoop and bought myself a hoopnotica hoop.  I just recently bought all the available DVDs and have been working on the second DVD.  I am finding hooping to be a great cross training supplemental workout to pole dancing an it has helped fuel my creativity within my dance.  I'm excited that I will have a workout to continue when my husband and I begin our family within the next few years and look forward to continuing my journey of pole and hoop for many years to come.  One of the things I always teach my students of pole is we all have to start somewhere- keep trying and it will come, everyone progresses differently and your progress will reflect with patience, persistence, and practice.  Happy Hooping!

welcome! you sound like you're doing great. my advice would be to practice a little everyday and just keep trying things. i never thought i would get shoulder/chest hooping and then one day it just happened! i got introduced to hooping at a music festival. enjoy

Practice often, hoop to music, find your flow and the rest comes in time. Hoop often and be well.
And there are plenty of free you tubes to support your learning.
Hi Gabrielle! I am also VERY new to hooping as well! I just started 5 days ago and I'm already hooked. I am able to keep it going around my waist, butt, thighs, and working on keeping it going around my knees! I've also been working on isolating my hoop as well. I was first inspired by hooping when I saw it at a show and decided that I would learn to do it one day. I never thought this would be an activity I would really get into, but now that I've started I know I will not be able to stop:) I'm covered in bruises, but they're well worth it! Keep practicing every day. I know, personally, each day I learn something new and I look forward to the next. Good luck with your hooping journey! It's all uphill from here:D


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