I just picked up a hula hoop for the first time on April 21, 2012! I have an amazing teacher and she said I'm a natural at it. I was doing tricks only a few minutes after getting the hoop going. Any advice that anyone could give me about hooping would be greatly appreciated! :) 

I promised myself that I'm going to hoop AT LEAST 30 minutes a day EVERY day and I'm sticking to it! Hooping is so much fun and such an AMAZING workout! <3

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Yay! Don't stop!!:D

That's awesome!! Enjoy the learning process and have a blast :)

haha hooping is awesome! and good for you!, I just started 3 weeks ago and hooping is alllll I think about, most of the time anyways!  watch this video: http://youtu.be/nmEwVC9x-h4 <----it helps me, so I think it will help you ^_^ happy hooping!

For your next challenge, try two around the waist.  Check out too this new video featuring hoop champ DeAnn DeLuna:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PbG0HfjwqVw&feature=colike.  :)

I made this video back in August. A lot of people said it reminded them of their journeys. :)


I just started yesterday! Already have 3 tricks down! 

Hooping every day for 30 minutes is a really good start. You can't help but improve with that kind of regular practice. I know, because I've practised at least 30 minutes per day for the past two months and I'm astonished at what I've achieved in the hoop. [Still so much to learn though.] Also, if you have the money, I highly recommended SaFire's online classes. Of course, you have a teacher so the online classes are probably not so necessary. Well done to you, and happy hooping!

thanks everyone. I've been hooping for on average an hour every day. I just get so into it and I just can't stop. I am going to start taking classes with a friend of mine who is the instructor and that will be starting on the 22nd of May. Just today I learned to do the vortex. Everyday I get a little better, and everyday I feel a little better. I <3 Hooping!


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