so there's no hoopers at all in my area, I'm learning just from the kindness of others who have posted tutorials on youtube and watching performance videos. Can anyone recommend some videos to watch to learn some new interesting tricks/combinations.
Just to give you an idea of what level I am, I've been hooping 5 months and I've learned so far:
-back/chest roll
-vertical and horizontal elbow pass
-vortex with two hands and one
-hooping at all levels from hands to ankles, vertical and horizontal
-jump throughs and jump outs
-vertical and horizontal foot hooping
- both shoulder duckouts (but still not the switch!! any updates on that tutorial?)

I'd like to learn some more about isopops I guess, but I dont' really know what else, I feel like I've watched everything I can find on youtube.
I really want to take my hooping to another level, I've gotten great at the tricks I already know so now I'm ready for something new! I guess twins would be in order? if only I could find materials to make hoops easier here. :(

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I have tried to accumulate a list of different moves for people just like you. I felt the exact same way and used my blogging skills to catalog it for others. I hope it's useful for you! Btw, if you see anything I should add or that I do not have, I'd love to add more!!! =D
thanks, very helpful! that is a great collection, mad props to you for compiling these together!
hey I just thought of one that I'm pretty sure I didn't see on the list: the scissor switch! babzrobinson did a tutorial on it
Oooh! Thank you very much. I love babz tutorials. I will have a look this weekend and add it to the list. Much appreciated! =D
I just stumbled across your link on this post and can't thank you enough for creating this catalog! Ive been hooping for about 3 months now and am still dumbfounded on some of the names of the tricks. I was so excited when I saw your list I squealed with joy! Thank you! Thank you! THANK YOU!!! :)
hey sarah, heres another site with a bunch of tricks.

hope this can be of some help to you too!

THANK YOU so much for this post... I"ve been bored with hooping for awhile as I felt I had conquered all the tricks. There are so many new ones I didn't know about!!!  Weeeeeeeeee!


Join one of Safire's classes. She teaches you tons of tricks in each lessons and provides different combinations on how to use the tricks :)
Wow, you've made an incredible amount of progress for 5 months! There aren't many hoopers in my area either, so I started a free hoop jam in the park to get people interested in hooping, and I hoop out on the sidewalk in town in front of my studio. People stop and try it more often than not! That's a way to build a community of hoopers, anyway.

SaFire's classes are helping me a lot with my practice. I got tired of searching for videos on youtube because while the tricks looked great, I wasn't sure if my body was ready for them or not. I'd trot outside and try one and get frustrated. I was a real newbie and needed to build up core strength first. SaFire has everything in an order that makes sense. It's all in one spot too, so no searching.

Sounds like if you took a class it would be a more intermediate or advanced one. Hope this helps.
thanks! I guess that just goes to show how obsessed I am. I practice 2 sometimes 4 hours a day. If my body didn't get so tired I would practice more. Seriously, I get irritated when my friends or my boyfriend interrupts one of my sessions haha.

I also have tried to start hooping classes and what not here, but the only people that aren't too "cool" to try it are little kids. It's a totally different culture here. They're impressed by it but anything that isn't conforming to "normal" standards is not for them.

Well, if I get some money soon SaFire's class shall be in order then. Seems like the best option. I would ask for my birthday next week but I already asked for a fire hoop and LED hoop so I think I missed that opportunity hahah
Adding another hoop takes it to another level for sure!
Listen I don't have a lot of money but I saved up to buy Safire's classes and I'm so so so glad I did.  As a fellow advanced noob who also practices several hours a day, let me tell you these classes changed my hooping life.  If you can spare the money, or even if you can't, get those classes ASAP.  And start with Seeding, even though you can do advanced moves already.  It will help so much with transitions between advanced tricks and your flow.


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