Not sure what this trick is calles but would love some tips on how to do it

I see a lot of people chest hooping or waist hooping and the practically just tap the hoop and it reverses directions. I'm not sure what you would call this but i would love some pointers on how to do it, or maybe some tutorials. If you guys have any advice or even know the name of this trick please let me know.


Love to the community <3

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I think your talking about breaks and reversals. Pretty much just grab it and toss it the other way. You have to be able to hoop @ least a little in both directions to be able to do it. I hope this helps:)
there are a few variations on waist hooping reversals, you can receive it in your hand grasp it while stabilizing it on your back and then send it the other way; you can drop your arm down following the outside of the hoop the hoop as it crosses over your front then bump it back the other way with your arm; you can also use your palms I think..not sure how to do that one yet. You need to twist your core a little in the direction the hoop is moving to minimize the impact when you catch or bump it, then when you catch or bump it untwist as it moves the opposite direction, hope that helps some :) Luckily i just watched hoop technique and they cover reversals so its fresh in my mind.... I can only do the catch and release in your palm one though, the bump with your arm is very tricky. There is probably more variations too, I have also seen a tutorial with someone doing waist reversals using the inside of their thighs midway between the knee and hip from the outside space.

Ok. so now you know that this moves are called breakes. Im obsessed with them. There are a whole bunch of different ways you can break and reverse the hoop. You dont need to know how to hoop in reverse current to break the hoop, you can just double break it and keep hooping on your dominant current.

Remember that breaks can be done from chest, neck, waist, leg, foot, hand and off body hooping...

Here is a good tutorial on chest breaks from Gary:


And here is another for continuous chest breaks from Amanda:


Have fun!!



thanks everyone I think I might have to practice hooping in the opposite direction a little more before I can master this one

Good luck!! I just want you to know that I didnt know how to hoop in the opposite direction when I started to break. I just tapped the hoop with my right hand and immeadiatly with my left hand so the hoop just changed direction for a micro second. Then I started little by little hooping half a spin more in my opposite direction.

If you need more help just let me know!

Doing two quick breaks in a row looks cool and doesn't require being able to hoop in the opposite direction.  I've just started working with the arm breaks on the outside of the hoop, and I'll often do a pair of breaks in a row, like at 1:06 in the last video I uploaded:


When I first started doing breaks, I used my hands to stop and reverse the hoop.  I find it easier to control the hoop with hands than with arms or other body parts.  Also, you can get a bunch of breaks in that way, and it's really good for beat punctuation.


Have fun with it!




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