So....I am sure there have been other posts about this, but I am predominantly an on body hooper....I like off body stuff, and being versatile is great!  But, I have watched a LOT of videos lately, here and other places; and I notice that, nobody really puts their hoop on their body anymore....I miss it :(  I was curious about what the allure is with off body hooping so much, or what about it people prefer?  I love on body hooping because I like feeling my hoop rolling all over!  It's like a free gentle massage, and I feel I can move around a lot more (unless its wintertime, and I'm inside!).  I am also aesthetically drawn more to watch hoopers that are doing more on body stuff, than iso's and what nots.  Sometimes I feel disconnected from my hoop when it's not on my body for a while...I wonder if you all have that sentiment? Just being curious I suppose!

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I have the same sensation watching recent videos also from very skilled hoopers and I also prefer more the onbody hooping sytle and start missing it! So, same feelings here!

I love body hooping. When I first started hooping I couldn't do the body hooping because of all the pain I had from osteoporosis. I took up hand hooping with 2 hoops and found joy with the success I was having. It helped me get through the slow process of body hooping. I still have pain with it and have to be careful not to do too much, but I do love it. Perhaps some people like one over the other because they have more skill with that particular one. I love them both :)

Body hooping is my favorite!!! Shoulder hooping is my happy place:)

I love on and off body. Both have their advantages... just depends what kind of mood i'm in. 

However I think onbody hooping connects you more to the hoop. Feeling it roll over you...and like it was mentioned earlier, it is like a nice massage given by the hoop. But with that being said, depending on what kind of music you're listening to and the speed of it... sometime off body movements are just necessary, or feel that it'd flow better that way.

In my view, i think there needs to be a a combination f both on and off body movements. Then your dance will be more free and versatile...more movements to explore and have fun with. Don't just limit to one kind of hooping style. Expand... Explore... Enjoy :)

I used to feel the same way! When I first started I got intimidated by the advanced hoopers and their off body skills... but then I started missing seeing girls hoop ON their body. I try and do both all the time, I love the feeling of being 'inside' the circle but I also like the excitement of tosses and isos and whatnot. Who could choose! :)

I try to incorporate both. In general i feel it's best to expand your hooping in all the areas that you possibly can (duh Erin). I suppose more than anything i really like the transition between on-body to off-body. Though as far as off-body goes, i really like swinging the hoop and feeling it wrap around my body and limbs; it can really help broaden your understanding of outer hoop space, i feel. I do like on-body more however. It's just...the bees knees there's nothing else you can say. It's what hooping is all about i feel like. Though i do respect anyone who can get down mad with off-body hooping (:

Erin I'm the same way! I love passing the hoop around me, helicopter, breaking on body (some call them body taps) but am not a huge iso person. I'm working on them and still try to incorporate them but I just love getting all swirly with my hoop on and off body. That said I consider myself an on-body hooper. This video is pretty indicative of my style: 


I'm an off body girl to say the least.. and I always feel connected with my hoop. But, I also started spinning poi years before I picked up a hoop, and I couldn't keep a hoop up as a child, not to mention I can't dance to save my life. I am 3258426387462x more comfortable with off body hooping, and poi style hooping is what (I am told) I am best at. Not that I don't love hooping on my body, it's what started my love of hooping in first place! I pretty much do an equal mixture of the two, rarely just off body, and NEVER just on body. I admire the body rockers that can make waist hooping look beautiful! Personally, I look like an idiot when limited to on body hooping and I crave throws and wedgies and isolations and isopops and all the techy things hoop has in common with poi. I'm pretty sure I do an even mix of the two, but off body is where I shine and feel the most comfortable to say the least.

Have you read Philo's recent article?  I go through moods switching back and forth.  I don't know if I'm an onbody or off body person.  I love watching videos of bodyrockers though!

I feel like this is such a hot topic right now, especially after Philo's recent article on I am a lover of both on and off-body hooping, for different reasons. I love off-body hooping because I feel like I can do more with my body that way, I can allow myself to fully expand and contract (from big circles to small isolations) and jump around all over the place. I also love on-body hooping because I can get into a really spiritually intense meditative zone during chest hooping - especially doing sustained spinning. I wouldn't call myself an off-body hooper or a body-rocker, I'm definitely a solid mix of the two.

I can definitely see why some people might be turned off by the sudden trend of small hoops being the "cool" thing because that's what so many professional hoopers out there use. Personally, I didn't use a smaller hoop because I thought it was cooler, I just wanted the damn thing to go FASTER! :P I also enjoy transitioning between on and off-body quite a lot, so having a smaller hoop helps a lot with that.

I always enjoy getting out my gigantic hoops and playing with those, it opens up my practice and allows me to feel out a lot more possibility from the circle.

Super hot topic, it's true! I've been thinking about it a lot since reading Philo's article and as I've debated sizing down my hoop. (I've been spinning a 36" for about 2 years now) The funny thing is that I generally think of myself as a body-rocker, but I still incorporate a LOT of off-body moves. I think it does the hooping community a dis-service to separate our flow/styles into these separate camps. 

Because in reality few things are static. I have my core flow, but I've also started playing with a lot of off-body, hoop-path inspired techniques. It's not a conscious decision. It's not about being cool. It's about tapping into the movement my body and mind needs at any point in time. For example, when I have company, I like to play around with a single mini because it's smaller and doesn't dominate space as much. I can spin without wiggling around everywhere. I like it because it's discrete. But it doesn't define me as a hooper. In fact, my school or style doesn't define me....or anyone else. It's our PRESENCE within, around, leaping through, and guiding the circle. 

So here's to embracing hooping in its many, many diverse and beautiful forms! 


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