So i am wanting to do something dif but i thot i ask the pros here. What does anyone know about painted hoops? i have seen one but it was art work n not meant to be used. so any guess or knowledge on what can be used so the hoop doesn't lose paint n such? thanks hoopin friends!!

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There are paints specifically for plastics (usually for lawn furniture) that you could try. I don't know how well they will stand up to constant friction, but all it will cost to experiment is a can of paint and possibly a shirt if the paint rubs off.

i do plan on experimenting LOL

You can paint the inside of polypros.

omg thats kewl thanks for the link

I would think that it could be painted... in my head, I'm thinking something pretty like flowers or what-not... then wrap it with a clear tape?  Or maybe there's a clear coat spray paint?  I don't know, but you have me interested :)

There are clear coat spray paints that can be used as sealants, but make sure it's for use on plastic! Oil based paints degrade plastic.

But the clear coat may come off as well, because the hoop is being constantly rubbed on and gets sweat on it.

hmm? thats a good thing to know. it hotter then grilled spit here. im worried if i paint then put tape on it if maybe that would also come of. like i said experiment but thank you.

Hotter than grilled spit?!?!?!  I've never heard that one before, but I promise I will find a reason to use this at least twice today :)  love it.

: )

I thought it was worth a try to use the crystal clear polyurethane tape over the paint.  However, the tape itself is not very durable (what with my constant dropping the hoop and such!)  It may be suitable for use if you are able to keep it from flying off!

The hardest surface I've hooped on is a hardwood floor... so, that isn't too hard on the hoop.  I'm usually on carpet or sand, though... I think it's worth a shot!

i am out side in the grass a lot only worry is hitting the trees LOL so all i need is to find a good tube that cant take good lawn type paint n get really durable clear tape. gotcha guy thanks my hooper friends!! Ill let u all know how it goes in a week lol


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