Have you ever met anyone who claims they have only been hooping a month or two but their skills are more advanced than that of a beginner?

Do you think they are lying about how long they have been hooping, or do you think that if given enough practice in a set amount of time, others are capable of learning and mastering many complex skills?

For me, at least, my muscles need more time than anything to form memory which creates the hoop flow. So I always think it's weird when I see a video of someone claiming they have been hooping for only two months and doing tricks that took me seven months to learn. People say I am one of the best hoopers they have seen, so it makes me wonder. I spend a lot of time on perfecting my tricks, so how do new hoopers just 'know' how to do all these tricks with no more than a month's practice?

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Time spent contemplating if someone is lying about how long they've been hooping is an absolute waste. Everyone learns things at a different pace, focus on you, not others.

I think it all depends on the hooper, or whoever they are before they start hooping maybe.  I kinda find this topic a little, i dunno, whiny?  I mean, like another poster said, who cares?  Thats not why we hoop, or at least its not why i hoop, to compare whos been hooping longer or who can do this or that trick.  When i started hooping it took me several months to learn basic tricks, but from the VERY moment i picked up the hoop i knew i could be badass with it!  I spun flags and baton so maybe it was that experience that pushed my skillset.  I think that it also depends on the DAY, the MOMENT as well.  Because i know that some days im just not as skilled as i was the day, the week before, more clumsy or not confident.  Perhaps some hoopers just catch that sweet spot moment on video even when theyre new to hooping.  We all learn at different speeds, i dont think its right to judge or point fingers saying that someone might be lying, its kinda like saying "well, ive been doing it longer so you cant be bettttterrrrrr."  IMO, *shoulder shrug*

You said it girl.

     I think it DEFINITELY depends on the person. Some people just pick up something like its nothing, some peoples' bodies learn at what would seem to be a "normal" pace, and some people take much longer to get the hang of it. When I was spinning poi more regularly, I was meeting kids who had literally picked up their first pair of poi a month ago, and they were doing things that I hadn't even come CLOSE to doing in the year & 1/2  that I had been spinning.

     With hooping though, I definitely see this a lot more. I think it just comes down to the fact that some people are much more in tune with they way their body moves than others.

     Also keep in mind that there are a lot of hoopers who put quite a bit of focus on tricks rather than perfecting flow and moving fluidly with their hoop. Just.. everyone hoops differently I suppose.

I think it has a lot to do with how quickly you learn, how many youtube videos you watch, and how many "advanced" hoopers you are friends with.  When my group of friends started hooping we were helpless! We didn't learn tricks very quickly because we didn't watch videos and we didn't have any more advanced hoopers to help us out. Now, as new people meet us and ask us to help them learn to hoop, I find that they progress 5 and 6 times as fast as we did.  I think it is because they are exposed to more advanced hoop tricks at the start of their hooping path.

I think its taken me about 2 1/2 yrs to get where some people are at 6 months.

definitely depends on the person, sure someone might lie about how long they've been hooping-but why? some people are just naturally better at it than others, and it also depends on how often/long they practise for. some tricks that took me months to learn, my friend was learning her first day hooping. not really a big deal!


I have no idea why anyone would even bother with lying about how long they've been hooping.


I agree with Alisha, Natalie, and Aurora...I think everyone just progresses at different levels, this also depends on what kind of backround they have. Maybe they're just comfortable moving their bodies, and already have a bit of muscle to begin with, it was like that with me ( I sure hope nobody thinks I was lying! I put A LOT of time and effort into practicing) ... Haha I've never thought that about anyone, and if I did I sure wouldn't care beyond hoping they grow out of feeling such a dire need to have people gawk at their abilities.. It's a bit silly. Try your best to not compare yourself to others, and instead just focus on your own flow and growth. You'll be a much happier person in the end for it : )

tutorials love....tutorials. I know myself I've been hooping since september and when I get together with other hoopers they dont beleive me because they say i'm "too advanced" I just see something I like, watch a tutorial and master it. Some people have better muscle memory than others. But I still cant do some tricks even after trying them a bagillion times. Like chest and across the shoulder rolls... tried millions of times and have never once gotten em. maybe some tricks i just wasn't meant to learn but with all the web things these days and access to teaching videos it seems like hoopers these days can pick just about anything up online.

lol yeah i hear you about the chest/back rolls. i can't do them either. i can kinda do a half chest roll, but only sometimes.


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